hands up if you almost permanently have a screwdriver on your desk 🙋

@kevin hand half up, because its normally on the floor underneath the desk

@kevin Possibly on my desk, but always within reach of my desk

@kevin I have one in my pocket at all times. Does that count?

@kevin does my purse count? If so, 🙋‍♀️

@kevin Clarification. ON? Duh. IN? Depends on what project i'm working on. "WTF? SERIOUSLY? _STAB_"

@kevin Relatively few! I don't need a gigantic tool taking up valuable pocket space. :) I keep my big one in the bag.

This is what lives in my pocket:

@kevin I have one but I don't use it that often, does that count?

@arsen most definitely! it actually counts the sum of tools you use and the square of the sum of ones you don't! So double points for unused tools!

@kevin ez points by just sitting many swiss army knife s on your desk :^)

@kevin 🙋 as well as a large nail, two wrenches and a hex key. Though, the only thing I use regularly is the nail. For opening my mail. 😂

@mmk2410 haha, I like the fittings used as pen holders!

@kevin I carry one on my keyring so even if my multitool has to stay home coz of security I still have one.

Yeah, also pretty much permanently on my person, unless I'm in a sarong. No bloody pockets.

@kevin I think there are various electronics screwdrivers tucked in nooks and crannies like a squirrel hid them

@kevin see also: various wire cutters and craft tools

superglue bottles

@kevin On the desk, two on the bed, and I found one in the laundry basket today lol

The rest are scattered across the rest of the house

The one from a Xmas cracker instead of walking 5-6 feet to get to the toolbox and grab something half decent 😆

@kevin yes, but only because I don’t always tidy up fully.

Huh, just found my needle nose pliers on my desk.

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