HTML definitions of the "rel" attribute for the XFN - XHTML Friends Network are so pure and show the web more as an extension of reality and less of a replacement for it.

Imagine a world where everyones personal websites was the social media.

Finally got a semi decent image from NOAA 19 on my baofeng uv5r.

This is a false color image and the raw+infrared image (you can make out some clouds as well as the west side of Africa)

The boafeng doesnt really have enough bandwidth to get a full quality image and it's really easy to accidentally move and mess up the signal (which you can see in the vertical lines)

I still haven't managed to get my SDR working for this (think i might need a different antenna)

been totally consumed by antarctica recently and found this awesome photo taken near the Ross Ice Shelf on wikipedia

This is how it looks so far, it could probably be more robust. but for my needs it really doesn't have to be.

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Hitting new PBs for typing! Before covid hit my speed was less than 40wpm.

(This was on my split ortholinear keyboard)

Spent the evening desoldering switches and LEDs from an old .

I'm definitely going to reuse them in another keyboard build at some point. (Still deciding on a form factor but It needs to be more portable than my current split keyboard)

A well spent evening! It was something I've been meaning to do that I finally got done and it was somewhat cathartic.

my tripod was in a really sad state.
The part that holds the phone was broken as well as the ring that holds the legs in place.
I designed a replacement piece in and printed a new phone mount that i found on
I'm glad that I'm able to give new life to something I would've had to throw away were it not for

The hacker mentality of steve wozniak

"The rules don't apply if you can do it better."

Excerpt from an interview for defcon

taught myself some basic by making an email icon from scratch. what took me the longest was trying to figure out how to get a transparent hole for the "letter" part of it

Been working on some ambient pieces, and using my Korg Minilogue a lot.
I was a bit late to the party on this one but it's my first (and only) hardware synth. :audio:
Everything I made up until about a year and a half ago was all using VSTis and theres just such a massive difference when you have some real tactility that makes it feel like a real instrument.
It's also great to just plug in some headphones and jam without a computer. :mac:

Been having fun learning openSCAD.
I haven't made anything useful yet but I think for my first "serious project" I'm going to try make a parametric enclosure generator for 3d printing.


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