Im not normally ine for heavy music but this has just been doing it for me.

DUSK soundtrack - Andrew Hulsholt

Men I Trust is probably my favorite band right now.
chill and laidback with the grooviest basslines around.
Emma's vocals are soft sweet and make me feel very cozy indeed.

Solace in Structure - Max Cooper

a very idm/live coding inspired track with excellent visuals paired.

Day 1:

This track is a lot more acoustic than what I usually tend to make but I think that It came out quite nice.

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I decided that I will be polishing up and releasing a track from my backlog every day this month (November 2021).

I don't really have a hard time coming up with new idea but I do have a problem with finishing things so this month is my challenge to help myself grow and be able to let go of imperfection and make quicker musical decisions.

I won't post a new post every single day, so instead i will reply to this thread.

AYYUKA - Maslak Halayi

Super vibey Turkish instrumental psych rock with microtonal Turkish flair and entrancing grooves.

been really enjoying this album.
really beautiful bleng of electronic and acoustic elements.

massive library of chiptunes and midis with an oldschool DOS style player as a web app.
(it has a neat spectrum analyser too!)

90s styled ambient music with a vaporwave flair. been binging fornax void's youtube channel the whole morning. There are some excellent live streams and videos.

Hiroshi Yoshimura Soundscape 1 surround (1986)

old school ambient is perfect for days with a headache.

excellent collection of tracker music songs made in fasttrack 2 by Alexander Zolotov

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