Built a 137MHz tuned 120 degree V-dipole antenna last week to try and catch some better images from the NOAA sats (and hopefully the Meteor M2 as well) using my . I didn't have much success, but hopefully my friend (who is much more into and stuff) can help me out soon.

Soldered up one of those cheap XR2206 based signal generator kits this weekend to test my new scope with. (Not greatest idea since its really not a great signal gen, but whatever). It was so nice to just have all the parts I needed plus the PCB and jsut solder something together that works.

I usually do everything from scratch and there's so many opportunities for things to go wrong. I think I'm gonna try do more kits every now and then, it was a nice "easy win"

Feeling good.

Got some DIY done and finally put some legs on my desk. It was just sitting ontop of 2 sets of drawers.

I can't wait for the loadshedding (scheduled power cuts) to stop though so that I can work on some 3D printing projects. I haven't had power for more than 6 hours at a time in almost 3 weeks

currently diving a bit deeper into Renoise.
Really loving the tracker work flow for making drum loops (and I usually hate programming drums)

Spent the evening desoldering switches and LEDs from an old .

I'm definitely going to reuse them in another keyboard build at some point. (Still deciding on a form factor but It needs to be more portable than my current split keyboard)

A well spent evening! It was something I've been meaning to do that I finally got done and it was somewhat cathartic.

my tripod was in a really sad state.
The part that holds the phone was broken as well as the ring that holds the legs in place.
I designed a replacement piece in and printed a new phone mount that i found on
I'm glad that I'm able to give new life to something I would've had to throw away were it not for

Finally ordered 3d printer!

Anyone here have some cool stuff they've made and want to share? I would love to see what useful things others have made.


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