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Note to all:

You do not have to be “good” at your hobbies. You should enjoy them and the process.

I love to paint, draw, collage, I love to take photos… I’ll never sell a painting or have a photo published, but I enjoy the process.

Don’t be put off of taking up a hobby because you don’t think you’ll be any good at it. If you enjoy it, that’s enough.

#PSA #hobbies #selfCare

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Hot tip:
It's okay to change your opinion if you're presented with new information.

@XanIndigo I really like toot though. I mean an elephant toots and a bird tweets it just makes sense.

@raboof this is how ive been watching YouTube for the past year or so. Its so much more convenient. I have also started using new pipe again recently which is much better than it was last time I used it.

@opfez I'm probably repeating myself but unfortunately the first x tracks you make are not gonna be great but you learn more by finishing and starting a new one with your new understanding of what you dont like than you do trying to endlessly fix a track you dont like.

@opfez in terms of plugins and stuff it varies wildly what kind of music I feel like making. Lately ive just been jamming with myself and some basic drum beats I programmed in using spitfire labs. But sometimes I spend 2 hours just fiddling with a synth patch. The exploring is part of what I like so much about making music.

@opfez I use reaper. The biggest step forward was getting an audio interface so that I could record myself playing guitar and bass. I would say the biggest thing that helped me learn was doing remakes/covers of songs I liked and forcing my self to finish them. I still struggle with that but I understand the importance of exercising the final steps of a project and how just how important it is to finish songs.

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*Buys 2kg of tahini*

Cashier: "You make your own hummus?"

Me: "That's right" 😎

@xo the foot friendly design is a dream of mine. I hate having to touch anything in a public restroom.

@gosha I also quit around day 4. I was using C and I barely knew the language. Plus string handling in C is pain and I was trying to not use libraries because the main reason I want to learn C is for embedded development and you dont get to use many libraries with the limited memory available

@nytpu I can't say that I like d sub connectors but I could swap USB out for Ethernet (rj45)

fedi meta 

@rabbithearth I agree it's basically making politics from scratch. And I generally try to avoid politics.

@flow I actually first joined when libera started up. The drama was indeed strange.

@toadheart yes, I think theres also something really nice in a smooth cursor that doesn't just jump instantly to the next location.

I think I should try finish last years before starts. I quit after day 3 last year :(
Maybe this year go for Python. Which I am much more comfortable with than C.

@flow wow seems like its twice as many users as in 98!

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