@dualhammers I probably listen to more 1 new album a day I hardly ever go back and relisten to stuff except when I shuffle my library

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@cat I feel bad that I know what that code leads to

@juliobiason now i finally have a reason to not like OOP beyond just me not liking OOP

Hi merveille! I know there are a lot of vegan/vegetarians here and I am looking for some good simple vegan recipes that don't use too many hard to find ingredients. I am trying it out for a bit and would just like to know what are your "go to" meals. Things that are quick/simple to make and that you fall back on often when you aren't really in the mood to cook.

@dualhammers i think most of the frustration comes when your skillset doesn't match your vision and you aren't able to bring your ideas to life. That's where the balance of practice and learning and creativity come in I think. It also helps to have a habit of practicing so that you have something to fall back on when you are not at your most creative.
and the catharsis (for me) is when your skillset and vision line up and you can really get into the "flow".

@Tutanota @xiroux can't wait for that. hopefully it will make notifications more reliable on mobile when the internet connection is weak.

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@xiroux I really don't know.
it might be, since they also have a web version that can be accessed through the browser.

the clients are all open source hosted on github and it says that 84% of the code is javascript, 11.2% is C and 0.9% is HTML.

@Tutanota is also relatively active on their mastodon account so maybe they can pitch in?

@niconiconi pdf can also contain videos/animated images in adobe acrobat

@xiroux been using tutanota for email and calendar for the past year and it does a pretty decent job. It loads a bit slow (likely due to the decryption on first open) but otherwise fine.

@rozina afaik ms teams has a linux native app but i don't know how it's integration with other office stuff works since that's not available on linux

@dualhammers at times frustrating, sometimes exhilarating, often cathartic.

@neauoire these are all so awesome! you should really checkout sable (the game) if you haven't this really gives me the same feeling as the world that was created in that game.

one question, are you 3D modeling these somehow and converting them to drawings? Your perspective is really great and I'd love to know how you are making these.

@ice unfortunately I don't really draw and didn't do anything for this month but I may put together 30 prompt words or images to attempt something similar.

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I think I’m going to do or whatever we call it and use my drawings from for October as prompts. So hopefully I’ll have enough material to compose an interesting cybersomething soundtrack for my game project.

I don’t know if it’s "productive" or "efficient" but I like this method. Making something small every day that I can slowly refine and reuse for something bigger during the next cycle. It’s a meaningful process that builds upon itself.

@neauoire I still believe that every small decision in the right direction help create change and that if you are in a position with influence you should not take small decisions lightly.

For example: Your decision to use a slightly more power efficient method over the easy method could make a big difference when compounded by all your users.

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