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When websites say "use our app, it's much better", they mean better for them, not you.

I can't remember who shared this link but it was really a fascinating watch and an interesting look into a different way of thinking about embedded programming and power usage.

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my son, with this box of cables, adapters and dongles i've accumulated over my lifetime you will be able to connect anything to anything. use it wisely.

HTML definitions of the "rel" attribute for the XFN - XHTML Friends Network are so pure and show the web more as an extension of reality and less of a replacement for it.

Imagine a world where everyones personal websites was the social media.

M8 Teensy based hardware

The developer has a github with a lot of repositories. (mostly docs and precompiled binaries)

Ther is a way to run the firmware headless using your computers keyboard, monitor and audio if you don't have all the hardware

Is there a reason support quoting a toot with a bit of a comment?

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Installing some gargantuan enginneering software for university. 15gb to program my FPGA 😔

I think the main reason I am now attracted to C is the lack of OOP (object oriented programing)

(other than it's popularity for embedded systems of course.)

@bd I just came across your C programming notes and they are really well laid out and the other style guides you linked are also great resources. thanks for putting this out there. it's very helpful for me trying to get into C on a bit deeper level!

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Tonight I ported 's Uxn VM to the MegaGRRL hardware (my ESP32-powered VGM player). Seemed like it would be fun, and it was :)

Here is a little demo...

Had to lower the screen resolution (not enough RAM for full screen framebuffers!), but it has sound, output through the YM2612's DAC register. D-pad emulates a mouse. Also had to do a bodge to the drum-rack example to get it working on the lower resolution.

forgot to add the tag so that others can find this post (NOAA apt with a uv5r and also some stuff about in the post)

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Finally got a semi decent image from NOAA 19 on my baofeng uv5r.

This is a false color image and the raw+infrared image (you can make out some clouds as well as the west side of Africa)

The boafeng doesnt really have enough bandwidth to get a full quality image and it's really easy to accidentally move and mess up the signal (which you can see in the vertical lines)

I still haven't managed to get my SDR working for this (think i might need a different antenna)

Hiroshi Yoshimura Soundscape 1 surround (1986)

old school ambient is perfect for days with a headache.

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large ship in a body of water like a person in a
dark sky

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