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I'm Josh, I make my living writing software and holding myself back from throwing servers into fires. Outside of that I like to use and contribute to small, ethical, and free software projects, I day-and-weekend sail a 50-year-old 32ft boat around Puget Sound and the San Juans, and I've dabbled with music production at times! A much longer term dream is to live more sustainably off the grid in Southeast Alaska.

Happy to be on such a tightknit homeserv, thanks for having me!

oh MAAAAAAN I am stoked for this. pure FP, compiles to native binaries, and outperforms Go **at algorithms FP languages suck at**? I'm in. I can't wait.

the deeper I go into zig (let alone the uxn side of uxnyap... this is just the zig+libcurl host side) the higher-level I realize rust is as a language

that's not a dig, that's not a bad thing, there's just so much shit going on I never thought much about because it was taken care of for me (which, again, isn't a bad thing, it's just A Thing)

like jeez, I never had to think about passing the right allocators into libcurl to ensure it could populate the result buffer before on a request...

tremendous respect for people who still live a traditional or nomadic life in the current day, seeing all the modern bells and whistles and just saying "no, what we have is enough."

a lesson i really need to learn.

gah. had drinks tonight. enjoyed the first one, the latter ones were mistakes; I already feel the dehydration (and eventual hangover) coming, despite drinking water along the way.

starting to wonder if it's possible for me to have a reasonable relationship with this poison or if it's going the way of nicotine for me.

It turns out that building an open platform actually is a bad idea because people will use the most closed platform and build for open platforms from it, just because they have to if they want to be cross platform

two weeks into working at a Rails shop verdict: Ruby is a horrifying language and Rails is a horrifying framework, both of which are so shrouded in magic that they lead you straight into absolute horrors that are buried from you under 800 layers of abstraction.

truly awful.

there are a few things I enjoy about the syntax of the language, but otherwise I have very little positive to say, and I strongly doubt the "it's faster to work with!" claims so far.

I've officially thrown myself into the wolf den (jk these people are very nice) and drafted a networking abstraction spec for 😳

guess I can officially no longer say I don't do low-level stuff. I mean, that ship sailed when I learned rust, but this is a whole different level.

SOS I don't have room in my TODO queue to add more projects (especially more big projects) but my brain has been stewing on this idea of creating a runtime type-checked language (something like a TypeScript for some other VM, maybe LuaJIT, that supports both AOT/compile-time and JIT/run-time typechecking) and it's **too tempting**

if i could make one wish about the industry today i think it would be, "don't tie good hardware to bad software"

Following in the footsteps of Microsoft and the RIAA, NFTs are fundamentally about creating the illusion of limited availability for digital goods that in reality are unlimited because they can be freely duplicated. Combined with the environmental impacts, you can see the perversion of reality that drives NFTs: they burn through finite natural resources as if they were infinite in order to create an artificial sense of scarcity for digital goods which can be easily produced in abundance.

on one hand, it's neat to see the pinephone pro will support a proper suspend mode that can be awakened easily by the modem like most phones since... like 2010 have had, as well as scratch-resistant glass (vs. the nightmare plastics of the original)

on the other, I just cannot get enthused about Pine64 devices anymore. build quality is shit, and repairing them is basically impossible given all the plastic clips and adhesives and niche parts

Earlier on I talked about how targeted advertising is a scam from flim-flam men, and your best bet was to go for completely untargeted and really wide-reach advertising to find the people who don't yet know (or act like) they want your thing.

This article says that companies who turned off targeted ads don't notice any difference, and nearly all of the people who were targeted would have bought the thing anyway:

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have I ever driven a motorboat before? no

have I ever motored a boat in swells >1m before (the general baseline for winter in southeast Alaska)? also no.

do I have a coat heavy enough to handle 0-5C wind temp **plus** the wind and seaspray chill? thirdly, no.

but dang flabbit, on the chance that that land is usable for what I want to some day do with it, I owe it to myself to go take a look (like I should have done weeks/months ago, but didn't because "what if it just sells at auction?")

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