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I'm Josh, I make my living writing software and holding myself back from throwing servers into fires. Outside of that I like to use and contribute to small, ethical, and free software projects, I day-and-weekend sail a 50-year-old 32ft boat around Puget Sound and the San Juans, and I've dabbled with music production at times! A much longer term dream is to live more sustainably off the grid in Southeast Alaska.

Happy to be on such a tightknit homeserv, thanks for having me!

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months ago I posted here inquiring about commissioning art from a Merveilles artist based on the tagline I'd thrown as my profile name here, "rain variety wood elf" and my existing PFP (which was a selfie from one of my times out sailing or whatever last summer)

y'all: holy shit, @Leea delivered! talk about taking a vague concept and running with it to make something beautiful! def send them your business if their art style ever aligns with an idea you have!

MTP is a bad protocol, as you may expect from something cooked up by large corporations, but it's still a much better way of accessing files on a device connected through USB than a direct access to the block device through MSC. It would simplify so much in the CircuitPython world if we could use it, but no, Apple doesn't support it for arbitrary files (only for images), because it would endanger their iTunes monopoly, so we can't use it. That's why we can't have nice things.

Motor: not wired up, needs corrosion blocker (or paint), but installed, and the "engine" bay (and part of galley counter) covered back up.

Tomorrow is wiring, charging, and MAYBE deck/ceiling repair.

Let's gooooooooo (omfg I am SO tired from overworking. I need a weekend OFF from this)

Electric motor mount: secured to hull via old engine blocks. One last sanity check by hand, and it's on to mounting the real electric motor.

Hull: PAINTED. Needs reblocked and a second coat Monday (this boat was so poorly maintained that barrier coat was showing in a few spots), but it's *technically, mostly* painted.


bilge pump is fully tested. Drained 20 gallons of water faster than we could keep dumping buckets on it. FUCK YEAH. back to motor mount and AC charge circuitry. CDRE splashes Wednesday and I'm feeling better by the minute about it 🤞

Some days when I'm back down here, I almost miss Seattle.

And it's the sense of community and shared experience that does it.

Give me that, way out in the quiet sticks, and I'll be happy. Until then, the noise of this place is still too much. And I still want my cabin in the woods. But the people here are dope sometimes.

Just spun the prop via the motor mount (on the prototype mount out of shims). Getting forces directed in weird ways that make me concerned for the stuffing box so I guess it's time to chop some real wood mounts finally and get on with it.

But yeah. Fixed the shafts and coupling. The prop side is now secured, and when roughed in, the motor mount can turn it by hand.

I am thrilled. Let's get an electric motor on here, hey folks?

Home Depot workers are unionizing. I hope they adopt the 12 foot tall skeleton as their mascot

A lot of the friction of modern life comes from capitalism's mandate that the workplace must operate with the smallest number of staff possible. To do otherwise is to needlessly spend money that could go to profits, the theory goes.

In practice, this means that every workplace is constantly running on the ragged edge of failure and disaster, keeping it together by their fingernails. So staff are stressed, struggling and burned out, and customers are rarely if ever satisfied.

Enthusiasm. A wonderful feeling.

Children can be enthusiastic about anything pretty much throughout the day. It’s a beautiful thing to witness. They literally can pick up a cool looking leaf and imagine a whole new world within it.

Most adults have lost that function. Or in fact, we were robbed off of it. Through discipline, education, lectures, punishments, restrains, conditional love.

Children aren’t adults with missing parts. Adults are broken children.

Finally wrote a post that's been stewing for a while: What You Miss By Only Checking GitHub

Many researchers, entrepreneurs, open source sustainability commentators, et al. assume that GitHub activity is a reasonable proxy for FLOSS as a whole. It's not.

Goes over some examples, a marketing graphic that made my eyebrows go up, research about how unrepresentative GitHub can be, and some tools to try.

anyway the prop is not yet spinning: due to bizarre machining tolerances on the parts from Thunderstruck, I hit a blocking point where I needed to email them for advice (which I've gotten, woo!).

weirdly, the coupling fit over my existing prop shaft just fine, but it REFUSED to fit over the gear reduction shaft at all.

Thunderstruck is a DIYer's company if there ever was one, at least, so the OEM recommendation, entertainingly, is "take sandpaper to the shafts until they fit cleanly"

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I will gut this fucking boat to the stringers in the water before I'm ever hauled out for 4 months again.

the end of this project is both terrifyingly and motivatingly close, but god DAMN if this hasn't been a slog of several months (minus August I guess).

thankfully, repowering is a thing you do rarely-if-ever, as is fully rewiring all electrical systems, so short of hull and rigging repairs, I should never need this long of a stint turning a boat into a treehouse again.

thank fuck.

Composite shims as a prototype worked out WAY better than expected. I almost want to just lag bolt through these as is into the old mounting boards, but the final angle alignment will be out of pressure treated 2x4 (at least for the time being - I will likely revisit later)

Alright, workday will be done in a half hour or so, then it's time to drive down to the boat yard and.... holy shit, maybe get my prop shaft spinning? Are you kidding me?

It's theoretically within reach tonight. Not necessarily LIKELY, but possible.

And that's insane to me.

Made a little document reader, felt especially fancy and added annotations.

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Admittedly have only been using it _today_ so we'll see how it plays out in the long term, but anyway, browser extension recommendation of the day: LibRedirect, for redirecting you away from YT, Twitter, Reddit, Medium, etc. and onto lighter and/or more privacy-focused frontends! instead of Medium is already a huge win, wow.

I just learned about the 2 kW society:

Having no clue what our actual totals were, I summed it up:

Worst cold month: 870 kWh
18 gallons of gas/mo: 601 kWh
@tickfoot and I share a 1.4L Toyota Yaris in a very bike/walk unfriendly city in SW Virginia.

That puts us at 1kW per person on the worst winter month. I can already see tons of room for improvement if our house were intelligently designed. (maybe 2 kW is bad goalpost?)

The 12 kW US average is nuts.

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