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I'm Josh, I make my living writing software and holding myself back from throwing servers into fires. Outside of that I like to use and contribute to small, ethical, and free software projects, I day-and-weekend sail a 50-year-old 32ft boat around Puget Sound and the San Juans, and I've dabbled with music production at times! A much longer term dream is to live more sustainably off the grid in Southeast Alaska.

Happy to be on such a tightknit homeserv, thanks for having me!

libgit2 strikes me as "correct", in a very low level sense, but a bit obnoxious for one who thinks at a fairly high level about problems. It'd be interesting to entertain the idea of a higher-level Git repo wrangler some day, perhaps in Zig, but even if in Rust........ but this is not that time.

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Aside from amazing meal time today, I made some progress on `gawsh`, the static site generator for Git trees, today. I finally abandoned Zig, admittedly because I gave up: the libgit2 bindings are just not... really there yet, and for now (and for my own mental state... ADHD bullshit) I need to focus my efforts on shipping *end product* and not intermediate libraries, so I flipped the repo back to Rust.

I'm no longer convinced I love libgit2's interface, after working with it in a Rust setting.

The more mushroom-based dishes I eat (not that I can prepare any of them myself yet), the less convinced I am that I need even the moderate bit of meat I still keep in my diet. What a versatile plant.

Heard on the radio over the weekend, "from the DuckDuckGo Studio, blahblahblah!" and I for the life of me can't:

1) figure out where they get the money
2) figure out why they'd be burning their money sponsoring a radio station studio when there's so many bigger proverbial fish they could be frying
3) find ANY trace of this, anywhere in the news or in a DDG or Google search - I swear I didn't auditory hallucinate this.....

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capitalism: look, i invented a new thing

people: is it just more CO2 emissions?

capitalism: yea it's just more CO2 emissions

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Rekka & I will be giving a keynote presentation, alongside Khyam Allami, at NIME 2022!

One glamour shot for good measure, since I promised such a pic ages ago!

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She's naked now. Gonna stash the main under deck to eventually do....... something with, and paddleboard back to shore.

Time to brainstorm new plans for my 3wks of funemployment 😔 on one hand I'm trying to stay positive and take it as an opportunity to do some boat work I would have otherwise put off in favor of sailing. On the other..... yeah, I'm still irked I don't get my chill week or two at sea rounding the SJs unless I want to do it all under motor (or downwind with head sail only)

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What seems to have happened here is a sail tie was too far forwarded and Granny knotted instead of square knotted. Wind got under the sail cover (probably while heeling into the mooring lines, this is an open water linear tie), got caught in the sail, ripped that knot open, and (based on the angles of the now-broken sail cover clips) seems to have pushed the sail down along the boom, catching a telltale on a clip and turning repairable seam splits into full shredded carnage.

So that's expensive

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My volunteer obligations for the day ended early so I drove up to assess the storm damage to the SV Unnamed-by-me. Hull and underdecks and headsail are all fine, scuffs from mooring rings but meh. Boom and a rail for the compainionway door hatch are slightly but reparably damaged. Pics of those here. Mainsail is beyond irreparable into "obliterated and I see exactly why and how" territory. Pics and hypothesis in thread.

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I'm working on upgrading my MNT laptop's trackball (!) which is a bit rough and scratchy, so I'm wondering where to start, and... there, in ~/src/reform, is all the CAD files and schematics for the whole thng. Everything I need. just... there. No fuss, no drama. All computering should be like this.

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It's funny how liberating making something for yourself only can be. And it's equally painful to realize that pretty much everything you create tends to be done in comparison with similar works, even subconsciously, and marketed towards whomever you're imagining will enjoy it, even if it's free.

It's not just about being accepted or praised by your peers. Capitalism fucks up everything, including the sincere relationship you're supposed to be having with your own creativity.

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Teens Flock To New App Where They Just Enter Own Personal Data Into Form

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Didn't bother going out to it because didn't have my paddleboard or dinghy, but guess I won't be sailing for a hot minute. Walked by my boat's moorage on a nature walk with a friend and my mainsail is clearly torn and shredded into a million pieces, flapping around like a bedsheet. From what I can tell, wasn't tied correctly under the cover, and in today's 40KT gusts, came out and got destroyed. Coooooool

aaaaaaand that's it! offboarding from a company remotely is wild - you're still sitting at the same desk, in the same chair, with the same browser tabs open (in a BYOD world, at least), but you start seeing them all flicker into "you've been signed out!" states like xmas lights

I have become one of those people who eats pickles straight out of the jar as a snack

fear me

I did this because my next 2-3 weeks will hopefully include trips to the San Juans, and Bellingham is infinitely better of a launch place for that vs having to cross the Strait of Georgia for hours on end to get down from Blaine, but.... welp. glad the dock lines are brand new, the batteries are full, and the bilge pump is rock solid.

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I'm also somewhat regretting leaving my boat on its breakwater-less linear tie-out for this weekend and not having sailed/motored it up to Blaine last weekend where its new slip is, because hot damn, 40kt gusts in the forecast for Bellingham Bay Friday 😳 add the waves and those "dock" lines are gonna get a workout

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one day left at $CURRENT_JOB before:

- a Friday hanging out with some folks in nature
- Saturday + Sunday doing play-by-play commentary for a robotics competition for the first time in almost two years
- two weeks of hacking on side projects when I feel like looking at screens, and days-long sailing trips when I don't (weather and solo skill permitting!)

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