I'm back to playing with the shell+make+bat+two custom zig tools iteration of github.com/klardotsh/gawsh (recall that a few wks ago, it was a giant rust monolith that handled all highlighting, job dispatch, etc. in one binary, so this is the v2 after collecting my thoughts and learnings from that attempt)

it rendered the entirety of the Nim repo in ~4mins (down from 9 in the monolith version), and is currently ~20-30mins into rendering the entirety of torvalds/linux (for giggles)


update: it finally crashed after reaching "no space left on device", which is a bit weird because df claimed I still had >270GB free

I know this drive hasn't been fsck'd in forever, so there might be some degree of corruption going on. yipee.

@klardotsh i've occasionally experienced the phenomenon of running out of inodes on some unixy filesystems - there's still lots of free 'space' but the inodes are exhausted, and the error presents as 'no space left on device'. If this might be your issue you can test with

'df --inodes'

@voxel ooooh this is very good insight! It takes >2hrs to repro this but I'll have to give it a whirl some time to see if that's the problem (wouldn't surprise me given this spews zillions of tiny files into my homedir which is also my root f2fs partition)

@voxel ope, yep, even after having deleted the output folder in question, I only have 3.6M inodes left, and I'd bet money torvalds/linux has had well over 3.6M versions of all files in its history

guess I found the limitations of my project: can render any *reasonable* git repo, but not the Big Kahuna Burger of git repos unless on a different FS

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