oh for $DEITY's sake, $2k, four nights in the slammer, and a year ban for getting too close to a grizzly?

look, I subscribe to /r/WinStupidPrizes just like anyone who likes to giggle at folks trying to win Darwin Awards, but the legal system is not the place to be doling out said prizes. good grief.

abolish. whatever. this. shit. is.



the FB comments on this piss me off even more than the sentence: a spattering of folks wishing she'd gotten months/years/life/death instead of four nights and a fine, folks going "hah! serves her right!", etc.

look, sure, it's DUMB to be that close to a grizzly, but giving people a criminal record over idiocy is a path we really don't want to be going down (yes yes I know that's the entire American way)

like shit, that was way gutsier than I'd have done. I took one good look at a 1:1 replica statue of a grizzly in Juneau back in May and went "huh, if I ever see one of those in person, I'm gonna log into my life insurance account real quick and make sure it's still good"

but I think getting the bejesus scared out of you and needing to change your pants is more than enough lesson without the federal government needing to get involved.

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