other predicament to sort out: I toured a house yesterday that was (1) detached, (2) the right size for me, and (3) was at a reasonable price, unlike most of Bellingham. problems are (1) the road it's on is busy during the day, with a high speed limit, so it's not an especially quiet area, (2) it's down the street from what is, in summer, Bellingham's basically-busiest park... more noise, and (3) I just get weird, control-freak/money-induced-ego vibes from the LLs

do I do it anyway?


like b'ham's housing market is fucked, especially if you have no interest in living in a many-unit apt complex, so I can't be TOO picky sadly :\

@klardotsh (assuming you haven't actually lived in Bellingham yet) even if it's a raw deal, you'll get to actually *live* there and see if it's the right fit, which seems important. I know there are places I have visited and then after living there, wanted to bounce

@milofultz I've spent decent time in B'ham but never lived there. It's a temporary stop on my eventual path further north to AK so it doesn't have to be a fit forever, just probably 1-4 years unless my life plans change drastically in that time.

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