lol at the yak shaving stack I've developed.

I was irked at the performance of (and constantly-getting-DOS'd-ness of) my Gitea server so set out to build a static HTML renderer for Git repos, which led me to building an ANSI escapes to HTML translator, which led me to being irked at the Zig language, which led me to complain about it on Masto, which led me to being irked at the lack of TUI Mastodon clients, so I designed one, got irked at the Rust crates available to build it, and now gluumy???

tl;dr denial of service bots forced me to design and begin to build my own programming language


"Fighting low-level bots to max-out my computer skills" sounds like the title of a Japanese light novel.

@dualhammers I've dabbled in that ecosystem as well and share the sentiment of how and why it came to be!

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