if javascript was banged out in 10 days I think a month to get gluumy done by New Years seems reasonable riiiiiiight? because I'm totally hoping to have at least enough of this to build simple applications done by then.

will it happen? who knows. but it's a goal, because if I don't set goals for myself, this thing will never get done.

meanwhile, this evening's project is translating lexemes into syntax trees.

lol the shit thing is that this version of the compiler is completely throw-away: it's the stage0 aka bootstrap compiler that dirty-translates gluumy source to lua so that you can stand up the theoretical future actual compiler (stage1) that is then used to type-check and build the release build of the actual compiler (stage2)

comical, but I mean, that's how it goes I guess.

@neauoire I don't think the full type safe compiler would be ready in time, otherwise I'd consider

@eris @neauoire I generally argue that they're there whether we like to think we think/care about them or not, but that's not a discussion I'm diving much into today 😆

regardless, my brain thinks in terms of shapes of data and the transitions between those shapes, and I prefer a computer to enforce shape-adherence for me vs. memorizing it and/or blind hope, so gluumy has 'em in the "spec" as a first-class citizen 🤷‍♂️

@klardotsh @neauoire
> shapes of data and the transitions between those shapes
mine too! thats what array languagws are all about :)

@eris @neauoire heh :) technically the unoptimized bootstrap compiler i'm currently working through could work for that, it'd just be an incomplete use of the language. I'd consider :)

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