getting rid of stuff is SO LIBERATING. I have ran out of trash bags for all the donation-bound clothes and landfill-bound trash I'm cleaning out of this soon-to-be-old apartment, which is kinda a neat problem to have.

I'm gonna try to find new homes for any gizmos and furniture that get disowned as part of this process, too, I'm just not to that point yet.

I haven't done a proper thinning of my belongings since 2017 when I moved across the continent from Chicago. five years of just, *stuff* accumulated in two cities and several phases of life to sift through here. it's a fun memory-lane trip.

I guess I did a partial thinning of stuff when I moved back from Canada but that was mostly kitchen stuff that had worn down and a few computer parts. the clothes closet, for example, hasn't shrunk in five years. the hobbies closet largely hasn't shrunk in five years. the pile of cables for every connector known to man has DEFINITELY not shrunk in... actually probably closer to a decade for that one...

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