not sure if this is an indictment of US ISPs or praise of T-Mobile but on my first try of just plopping the hotspot down, I get a better connection over LTE(B2) + 5G (and then wifi to a laptop, no wires run yet) than many Americans have access to *wired*

to paint a picture of the ridiculousness here, this hotspot (admittedly a recent high end one) has no LOS to the tower, and in fact has a metal wall, several trees, and I believe the edge of a mountain in the way between it and a tower. still shreds most cable connections.

I plan to test AT&T as well which claims 5G coverage ends approximately 100 meters away from where I'm currently sitting, which means it should be just fine. which is great, because T-Mobile kinda fails to compete in the rural internet space by comparison. I'll rant on that later

@klardotsh Why would it hurt so much to shift, say, 5 Mb/s of download bandwidth across to upload?

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