A friend of mine recently burned out on maintaining open-source software and communities, and had been half-joking for a while that they wanted a sassy license to the effect of "I release this code for free, take it or leave it, or go do it yourself".

Tonight I wrote that license for and with him. Please enjoy the "Fork Off" Public License, v0.9:

(I'll tag a v1.0 after any feedback y'all might have to clarify things or make it funnier. Forking it is also of course ok.)

@klardotsh After a particularly exhausting three years, I'm almost tempted to dual-license @octoprint under this...

Thanks for the laugh, I needed it :)

@klardotsh @foosel needs more Good Place references! Motherforking shirt!

@klardotsh I regret being That Guy, but... what font is that? I kinda like the horizontal spacing, the subtle italics and the slightly retro vibes

@bp I'm always happy to geek on fonts, especially this one! It's Bergen Mono, a rare example of a monospaced font I'm happy to pay for (the only others in this category are PragmataPro and FSD Emoji). Found it recently and was immediately hooked.

@klardotsh You okay If I pass this onto a legal pro? I love it!

@martinbogo there's no way this thing would survive a lawyer's review but go for it :)

@klardotsh Two things that really help me a lot: (a) write code nobody cares about anyway, (b) disable "issues" or whatever they are called on your platform of choice. That said, I like the license. 😄

@phf Disabling issues is key, and I did it for this repo. I'll be doing it for probably most repos going forward, or finding some more sane "ticketing" flow than the ambiguous shitpile that is GitHub Issues or GitLab Issues.

Possibly offensive stars included 

@klardotsh I like it. I'm thinking I might reference it as the "F**k off" license

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