Nothing like 1C weather outside to make a newly working heater blower rewarding 🥶

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10mm socket has entered the chat, have to disable the whole glovebox to get this old blower out of here

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Car's blower motor (heat and defrost) gave out recently and given that it's barely above freezing today, I guess I should finally install the replacement before my long trip this evening- I'm tired of being cold whenever driving under 55mph! (Which forces engine heat in by force)

Boat has not stopped bouncing and tossing about all day. Got woken up at 6, 7, and finally 8:30am by the building winds and seas (the breakwaters in Friday Harbor are partial, floating ones, so sea state partially still comes in) and it's definitely not easing off even at noon :)

Kinda fun, being in a wobbling office makes me feel like the drummer of Motley Crue whose drumkit would go up over the audience, upside down, etc

I think you and I have vastly different priorities in installing solar panels on boats, Xantrex...

Also, hey , is the price premium for flexible panels really worth it? I can snag a pair of Renogy 24V 320W noncrystalline panels on sale for under $700 right now and have a local welder help me mount the things in sane spots, but ~locally, Fisheries is selling these flexi Xantrex panels for... uh. Significantly more, we'll say. Are they really worth it?

Newest NAM (American) weather model is out. Gust estimates for tomorrow night are now north of 50kts, which I think will be my first time experiencing that maybe anywhere ever, but definitely while on a boat (last month's storm only cracked the mid-40s, and I was up on land for the worst of it).

Yeeeeeeee hawwwwwwwwwww

Ah, joyous weather forecast for the week: below freezing weather, potential snow, and 44kt gusts from the southeast (one of two directions Friday Harbor is inherently vulnerable to, the other being northeast). Should be an extra spicy set of cloudy days for Cloudy Day this week.

I'm picking on this one example but it's all over the internet: how much bandwidth (and thus processing power and thus boxen in datacentres and thus grid electricity... and then also client side bandwidth on consumer computers and phones) do we think is wasted, globally per annum, on pointless stock photos like this one?

What about this picture of some couple cooking and smiling tells me literally anything about the product in question? It's fluff, and wasteful at that.

I use so much less water (and time) now that showers cost me $3 directly.

Next goal is to get showers down to $2.

Today in "why? oh, because why not" design decisions...

Weirdly, though BEFORE_WORD will be implemented entirely in Zig-land, I'm sitting here thinking of how I'd implement it in a simple assembly (be that uxn or some other simple thing) efficiently. I guess that's still useful: "write some Zig that should compile to similar assembly to what I have in my head" is a useful target, maybe.

yeah okay DONE and UPLOADED it's time for a nice, late dinner now that I'm a real independent interwebs citizen or whatever I guess,, all exist now, and the two images total less than 200KB (I could trim further some other day), down from like 20MB in original form. I'm proud of that one.

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alright alright ALRIGHT I have finally gone and done the gash durned thing (locally, it's not pushed to yet): CSS that responds to the browser's light/dark mode requests, dithered+optipng'd images that come out unbelievably tiny, and *actual farkin content* I've been saying I'd "get to eventually" for months/years

harkening back to 2008-style web development (hand-written CSS, and shell script + makefile wrappers around markdown and _header.html/_footer.html for content) is refreshing

I would have gotten *fired* in my frontend developer days for writing CSS that's this ad-hoc, not-reusable, and not-class-based and I LOVE IT. just hackin' and slicin' this afternoon.

Well that's... quite the entry in my spam box today. Lookie at the great uses my email address is being put to! >_>

I hate my country insisting on being World Police just to enforce the exchange of stupid green pieces of paper.

@neauoire YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS there's the slide!

(voiceover: "if you're forced to play, you can't play", I love that quote wow)

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HI @neauoire!! lol, "we use a lot of discarded computers... like the one I had that just didn't work?"

Y'all, go watch and their talk Weathering Software Winter

A friend of mine recently burned out on maintaining open-source software and communities, and had been half-joking for a while that they wanted a sassy license to the effect of "I release this code for free, take it or leave it, or go do it yourself".

Tonight I wrote that license for and with him. Please enjoy the "Fork Off" Public License, v0.9:

(I'll tag a v1.0 after any feedback y'all might have to clarify things or make it funnier. Forking it is also of course ok.)

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