I have something like 8 billion hours into Mini Metro and ~300 in Cities Skylines (aka traffic manager with a pretty skin) so I can only imagine how much this $10 game will eat of my life now

I'm back to playing with the shell+make+bat+two custom zig tools iteration of github.com/klardotsh/gawsh (recall that a few wks ago, it was a giant rust monolith that handled all highlighting, job dispatch, etc. in one binary, so this is the v2 after collecting my thoughts and learnings from that attempt)

it rendered the entirety of the Nim repo in ~4mins (down from 9 in the monolith version), and is currently ~20-30mins into rendering the entirety of torvalds/linux (for giggles)

ok begrudge now seems to correctly handle the output of bat(1) (github.com/sharkdp/bat) which was my entire goal in the first place, to become part of the gawsh pipeline

couple more tests and docs to write and I think this will be taggable as an actual release, gosh darn! I did the thing! for now, I just merged my feat branch into main, wrote the readme, and I'm off to play some Civ6 for the night

here's github.com/klardotsh/begrudge printing its own makefile and build.zig

there's still corner cases and weird stuff to detangle, but one basic case is WORKING! first non-trivial Zig code that actually... responds to stimuli and such

(I now have a more profound appreciation for the lifecycle and reference checks rustc provides, but I figured it out, and I'm better at managing memory for it)


there's no actual content there besides a bio blurb really, but klar.sh finally responds to HTTP requests with something that's not a blank page! (it always has on subdomains, but the main site has basically never done anything)

oh, and it even renders correctly in w3m, dangit. even the navbar, which has silly dividing flourishes in GUI browsers, because said flourishes are implemented with CSS hacks.

it currently uses ssg6+lowdown+Makefile nonsense


I started the trip recorder late but voila. I did it mostly solo minus the end.

Despite this, I feel defeated. Sigh.

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No sail, no problem. It's cold as shit and looks like Silent Hill out here but making amazing time after an hours late start

Can't sleep because my sleep schedule got all fucked during funemployment but here's a shot of proof you can carry three F-5 fenders, two bags, trolling motor, battery, a human, and a full bicycle all on one 10ft Porta Bote trip with some room and weight allowance to spare

That was fun, as was literally one-handing the bike up from the dinghy, over the sailboat lifelines, and onto the deck, while attached to the mothership by hanging onto a winch 😂 who said I wasn't a mild acrobat?

tomorrow's gonna be one rough day for boat moving. I've never been on a boat in winds over ~20? give or take? so those gusts to 34 read to me as "yeah, maybe don't", though Challenger 32s are big, heavy boats that (especially under motor) could *probably* take it.

regardless of what the boat can take, I'm not sure tomorrow's the day to push my luck. given no marinas or really anything sheltered at all along that route, maybe the move is to leave at 11-12ish when it calms down significantly

peeking at Windy to figure out whether I'm moving my boat tomorrow or Friday (under the assumption that the current moorage probably doesn't *actually* care about staying *to* the 1st vs being gone by 23:59 on the 30th)

there's a bit of an artistic beauty to the current pressure systems in the Salish Sea and their associated wind gusts today (though I'll say this graph isn't entirely accurate - Seattle is at the VERY bottom and claims we're gusting into the 30s right now. we're very much not.)

basically a complaint about birdsite and about cryptobros.... uh I mean web3 proponents 

just improved the quality of my birdshite feed like 20x, since this word is now in like every 20th tweet

the only way to improve it further would be to delete my account, which I've considered on numerous occasions anyway

so, yeah, I mean, gawsh definitely doesn't render a tree quite as pretty as github does just yet, BUT!! today/tonight's progress is that trees are now recursively rendered with links to the respective file objects within them (each syntax highlighted with permalinkable line numbers now)

if Microsoft thought GitHub was worth $7.5B USD, I fully expect my check for $7.6B to be in the mailbox any day now, gawsh darn

realized I never shared this here, so here's a four part saga between a TikTok recruiter and I on LinkedIn, or as I'm taking to calling it, FuckOff

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