*setting up K12 robotics event*
"Guys we're gonna have an OSHA violation here"
"No it's okay, Josh is in the building now, we no longer have OSHA violations we have OSHIT violations"

@rek @lilletale @yngmar I'll be damned, it *is* ABYC, just almost none of it applied to me as I no longer have fossil fuels onboard and the vast majority of the color-coding relates to combustion systems or interfaces with them, particularly on MVs (several don't apply to SVs): boatingmag.com/abyc-color-code

mini vent 

So tired of ups that are immediately followed by deep lows. Tired of not knowing how to broach this topic with the people who contribute to these days. Extra tired of the days where one such contributor is my own self.


Rewind, reset, rest. Tomorrow's a new day.

@rek @lilletale @yngmar what code is this? Cannot relate, all my wires are red, black, or black with red heat shrink, minus one set of black with hot pink zip ties. ABYC is more concerned with gauges and securing or conduiting things here

@aw loving the energy of the message that tells me you're streaming "I'm forth-pilled. I'm stack-maxxing. I'm in my concatenative era"

@yngmar Wait are cans of nitro cold brew not a thing in Europe? (somehow I will not be surprised to learn the answer is "no")

@khm bless 90s Subarus for being halfway repairable, unkillable vehicles

Nothing like 1C weather outside to make a newly working heater blower rewarding 🥶

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10mm socket has entered the chat, have to disable the whole glovebox to get this old blower out of here

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Car's blower motor (heat and defrost) gave out recently and given that it's barely above freezing today, I guess I should finally install the replacement before my long trip this evening- I'm tired of being cold whenever driving under 55mph! (Which forces engine heat in by force)

@mhoye give me a few more months, I'm working on exactly that, it's just a slow grind while also working a day job and also while doing boat construction and volunteering and...

@ratfactor the plan is for words and types to be full on runtime objects such that, for example, the language server (for ide like features) and the compiler are not separate processes, and neither is the eventual REPL.

I have the memory model largely mentally sketched out for how those two words you mentioned will work. Hopefully with more of those 5-30 minute nights, I'll slowly get the backing implementation done and get this thing out of drafts and sketches!

You know where those 45 minutes went, actually? They went to Wolfgang frickin' Gartner, and IMO one of the best albums of progressive house ever written. You can't not dance or bop your head to this, even while deep in compiler errors and failing unit tests.


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I also finally, tonight, feel like I GET Zig. I normally fight it into doing my bidding, in part because the compiler messages are generally horrible and the docs are... meh, getting there. Much better than they once were, at least.

But man, tonight? I just sat down and hit flow. I originally only got like a half hour burst in, then sent the OP toot of this thread, and then got sucked back in trying to make a unit test pass and hot damn where did 45 minutes go? Just a conversation with compiler

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I used to get frustrated with myself for how slowly gluumy is moving from design to implementation, and particularly, with how scattered my attention span can be after a day of work (or frankly sometimes even on days of rest).

I'm now finding more peace with just enjoying the journey, and particularly as inspired by @ratfactor's ratfactor.com/assembly-nights2, embracing that sometimes, 5-30 minutes is just all I'll get for the day, and that that's okay. Just keeping the mental burners hot is fine.

@csepp I have no concept of how many people follow me unless I very intentionally go looking for that information, which I almost never do, beacuse I have it disabled client-side. Like, who cares, it's not like I make $100 per follower or something. This isn't Instagram.

Work, Capitalism 

@erin Congrats! Small teams are (in my hot-take opinion) the best!

@zane @neauoire @jbauer One of the other times this article came up here on Merv (or maybe broader Fedi?) a point was brought up (I forget by whom) that I loved: perhaps dithering is not *absolutely* the smallest filesizes possible, but given that they accomplish 80% of the problem space and also serve as clear visual indicators that you Do In Fact Give A Shit About Load Times, they're a charming and personal touch to that end and still great.

tl;dr I find them more art than science.

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