oh MAAAAAAN I am stoked for this. pure FP, compiles to native binaries, and outperforms Go **at algorithms FP languages suck at**? I'm in. I can't wait. youtube.com/watch?v=vzfy4EKwG_

@bhart I'm convinced that this past May I turned from 23 to 74 or something, it hit like a sack of fricken rocks

@dualhammers @neauoire so I guess I was just voicing a vote for listening to an entire album pulled down over any medium, over individual songs. very much a tangential/sidebar discussion :)

@dualhammers @neauoire nah, I just mean the collection of songs packaged together in whatever medium. tracks one through however many were shipped at once. I so far own only two vinyl records, and both were meant to become part of a wall art piece that never came to be. everything else I have is FLAC and/or MP3

@ciel it makes sense - there was always *some* malloc/free implementation going on. this is just a new level of control over those lifecycles, and I like it. I guess I would be having similar realizations writing non-trivial C for the first time (C is a language I can read but rarely write) - thinking about memory at this level is wild.

@dualhammers @neauoire chiming in even though my attempt at music production was pretty short-lived: albums are the one true way to listen to non-Top 40s music IMO. whether it's Dark Side of the Moon, Master of Puppets, Tor's Blue Book, or Pendulum's Immersion, I feel there's always either a story and/or a vibe to an album that should be experienced in totality, and not just, say, 1/9th of that experience in isolation on Pandora

the deeper I go into zig (let alone the uxn side of uxnyap... this is just the zig+libcurl host side) the higher-level I realize rust is as a language

that's not a dig, that's not a bad thing, there's just so much shit going on I never thought much about because it was taken care of for me (which, again, isn't a bad thing, it's just A Thing)

like jeez, I never had to think about passing the right allocators into libcurl to ensure it could populate the result buffer before on a request...

tremendous respect for people who still live a traditional or nomadic life in the current day, seeing all the modern bells and whistles and just saying "no, what we have is enough."

a lesson i really need to learn.

gah. had drinks tonight. enjoyed the first one, the latter ones were mistakes; I already feel the dehydration (and eventual hangover) coming, despite drinking water along the way.

starting to wonder if it's possible for me to have a reasonable relationship with this poison or if it's going the way of nicotine for me.

It turns out that building an open platform actually is a bad idea because people will use the most closed platform and build for open platforms from it, just because they have to if they want to be cross platform

@aw yeah, that one's neat, and sane to do with traits/interfaces in other languages (read: not total magic)

two weeks into working at a Rails shop verdict: Ruby is a horrifying language and Rails is a horrifying framework, both of which are so shrouded in magic that they lead you straight into absolute horrors that are buried from you under 800 layers of abstraction.

truly awful.

there are a few things I enjoy about the syntax of the language, but otherwise I have very little positive to say, and I strongly doubt the "it's faster to work with!" claims so far.

I've officially thrown myself into the wolf den (jk these people are very nice) and drafted a networking abstraction spec for 😳

guess I can officially no longer say I don't do low-level stuff. I mean, that ship sailed when I learned rust, but this is a whole different level.

@syntacticsugarglider ooooh, anything documented about this anywhere I could read?

I also discovered github.com/dibyendumajumdar/ra today which looks *super* intriguing

@csepp I haven't been able to use an 8GB system for work (in the web dev space) since 2015, it's bonkers how heavyweight this stuff gets. It impacts both front and back end these days, there's no real escaping it.

spin up all the requisite services, compilers, databases, etc. and load any necessary docs in FF/Chromium and you're easily sitting at 8-10GB used these days.

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