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Notably I consolidated the concepts of structs and traits into one concept, "shapes", that (combined with gluumy's version of "type holes", which are more like those in than in, say, Idris) should allow expressing both in one easy-to-learn (and I believe straightforward to parse) syntax.

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After a week of almost no energy in any facet of life I just sat down and figured out how to simplify gluumy's grammar to remove two keywords, an entire "feature", and to become more discoverable for folks not familiar with functional or strongly-typed programming (because while I'm building this language for me, I also want others to be able to play with it if it suits their needs, too).

Today's a good day already.

Apparently a server outage has temporarily bricked all tesla cars, as they rely on some internet data to operate.

While everyone's still talking about Snow Crash, a big part of the dystopia was the client server model where local machines were just dumb terminals for the cloud and couldn't do /anything/. It's an important enough feature for the book that it's the source of the title.

also why does every fucking building have to be the same modern bland 5 over 1 “luxury condo” bullshit (i know why it’s so they can charge more, it sucks)

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50% downpayment on invoice *paid*, the boat (which I'm 90% sure I know what I'll be renaming it as, but until the old nameplate is off the hull... 🤷‍♂️) is officially getting a new mainsail! guy has to go measure a few things whenever weather allows, then ETA 5-8 weeks for delivery, so that puts me (in theory... it's cold, man) back on the water between basically early Jan and mid Feb, woot!

It's quite poetic that our species may eventually be unable to venture past low Earth orbit without first dealing with all the trash we've strewn across space.

Whoops @neauoire my partner and I accidentally acquired an 18th century style upright harpsichord with robotic electromagnetic hammers and unleashed Orca on it

yeah yeah riddle me this Batman, how the fuck does the same flight path, just 3mins different ETAs, leaving JFK Airport at the almost exact same time, end up with a >100kg CO2 emission difference?

these estimates are either shit or I somehow don't understand planes after 7 years of taking them places

"But Josh, you can just stay in Seattle!" yes, that's technically true. I could renew my current lease or find another one and it'd be reasonably straightforward.

I need out of Seattle. I need to make progress towards my later goals in life, which aren't progressed at all by my presence in this crowded, noisy mess. It's time.

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I did not buy a boat to live on it. I bought a boat that would be comfortable to sail for a weekend or week at a time.

But hot fucking damn Bellingham landlords (and the town's housing stock, mostly sardine-can apartment complexes for uni students) have pissed me off beyond anything I've ever experienced, and I **have a boat** if I'm willing to make the (extreme) lifestyle adjustments required to live on it.


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okay but wait I'm moving in either Dec or Jan, the worst two months of weather you can ask for in the PNW

what if I lived aboard my boat rather than renting another Land Apartment (TM). do I sneakaboard at the current marina for a month or two? do I venture out into the furious seas & anchor out in the San Juans? do I find a marina with L/A slips available (almost certainly none exist)?

like how would one go down this road if he had a vendetta against landlords and the apts for rent in B'ham?

This is just such a zero energy week for me. Can I just hibernate for a good month or so? Nothing's acutely wrong, just... existence ,ya know?

ofc on this server Noodle goes without saying as something to look into. I played around with it for a few and was a bit overwhelmed, but I hadn't RTFM'd so I need to, ya know, do that before actually formulating much of an opinion

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a skillset I absolutely don't have, but would like to eventually (time allowing) develop to some degree, is low-res pixel art, in part because I see all these cool custom avis here on Merveilles (and less frequently, across fedi) and here I am with just a grayscale selfie, way less cool 😂

any tools I should look into for beginner use on Linux? I have such little art skill I can screw up stick figures, so think, like, the software you'd recommend to absolute newbies.

like some part of me knows paying $1500-2200 towards some fuckers' mortgage (or towards property managements' profit margins) is not entirely necessary anymore now that I work fully remotely, and not doing so would free up a bunch of extra cash to save towards buying the homestead land. the biggest negative would be the added logistics in seeing friends/dating/hobbies/etc.


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my slip in Blaine is not liveaboard status (and AFAIK there's no marinas in Whatcom County accepting liveaboards without year+ waitlists, though Point Roberts might be an exception) but there is still some part of me kicking around living aboard my boat at anchor and guest docks as needed as my answer to landlords' egos this year

like, there's plenty of room down there, I could figure out a desk situation, and it'd force me to fix things like the screwy electrical and the leaky windows...


@mntmn did you end up hearing anything from Crowd Supply regarding where to send Reforms? or should I go be the Designated Karen in their customer support inbox to put some consumer pressure on them? lol

I've been pounding my head against a wall for **months** trying to figure out why Neovim 0.5+'s LSP was, to my eye, such an immense downgrade from CoC in reliability (to the point that I fully uninstalled everything LSP-related for a while), and simply moving one block in my `init.lua` just fixed it. Incredible.

Turns out, if you call `syntax enable` after setting up LSP plugins, they become unreliable af and don't update the buffer as you type, crash more often, etc.

How in the fuck?

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