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okay I do still plan to tackle some Fugazi music tonight but because the wikipedia hole that brought me to them eventually, by way of their guitarist (married to a Bikini Kill member these days), sent me to the entire Olympia WA (I was just down there barely five hours ago... fitting) music scene page, wherein I discovered Tracy + the Plastics, and **holy shit** this is good stuff

a friend not too long ago introduced me to Jeff Rosenstock's solo work, and I continued down the rabbit hole to discovering Bomb The Music Industry! (!), which has to be one of the best embodiments of punk-ness I've ever heard of:

- rather than selling band shirts, offered stencils to make your own
- cheap all-ages shows
- on tours where they lacked enough musicians to play each song, they'd just invite fans up to fill missing parts, or plug in an iPod for backing tracks

"half of what we move around the seas is not finished products (cars) nor even the raw materials to make them (steel), but simply the stuff that we burn to power those transformations, [...] if and when we make the transition to solar power and windpower, we will not just stop pouring carbon into the atmosphere, [...] also reduce the number of ships sailing back and forth by almost half"

it's called SDL2 because that's how many people would have to get hit by a bus to cripple the entire video game industry long term

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"My first impressions of web3" by Moxie Marlinspike

Really hits the nail on the head IMO. A good follow-up to Laurie Voss's recent piece:

@aw also I had previously written off RON as silly, but it is *marvelously* simple and its syntax actually lends itself amazingly to some expressive "Parse Don't Validate" style flows (enums using parens makes them look like function calls in the config file, which is a HUGE unexpected UX win for this project in question)

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@aw seriously awesome recommendation on nanoserde, and further back ago, ureq. I'm still sitting in shock at how fast a `cargo clean && cargo build` cycle is with this (and it comes with JSON and RON support built into that compile time cost of less than base serde? hell yeah)

this is the kind of simple Rust development they should teach, even if (admittedly) it takes much more deep thought to fit the patterns of than some of the more popular libraries (serde, surf/reqwest, clap, whatever)

hey look, it's Brüüce, the 19999529354029298312th Subaru wagon in the PNW! now formally street legal with the old plate from my sold-ages-ago Chevy Bolt transferred over (which, fittingly, started with BRU anyway)

this was basically the last major dependency (well, plus good health, which, I shook the stomach bug / food poisoning from a few days ago, so all systems are now go) to The Ol Move To The Woods (since there's obviously no city carshare up there). moving this weekend!

anyway I'm glad my best friend drove a stick, and learned how to drive a stick in another exceptionally hilly place, because good lord the whole "e-brake plus gas plus clutch plus butt clench and hope for the best" hill start deal was *not* something I'd have figured out without tutoring

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new-to-me (but old enough the insurance is negligible lol) car acquired!
swole af left leg: in progress
clutch smoke: seen (and **very** much smelled) only once this evening

I'll get pics of Bruce the 99 Legacy Outback tomorrow in the daylight for y'all

something i just wrote in MNT community, regarding the status of MNT Reform post-campaign order fulfilment (via Crowd Supply). sorry that this is complicated.

Hey the wordle guy sounds cool.

"I am a bit suspicious of mobile apps that demand your attention and send you push notifications to get more of your attention," he said.

"There are also no ads and I am not doing anything with your data, and that is also quite deliberate."

Asked whether he planned to make money from it, he said: "I don't understand why something can't just be fun. I don't have to charge people money for this and ideally would like to keep it that way."

the Lua aspect is tentative; I'm holding it in my crate count for now while I debate whether the functionality that would depend on it will actually get built; if it doesn't, that frees up something like 5-10 crates from my tree

and like, dude. this thing builds fast as shit, because almost none of these dependencies (minus the Serde stuff) use those hella-expensive flavor of macros (I forget which it is, Rust has 2-3 forms of macros after all)

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I've been making a point to ruthlessly keep an eye on dependency count on this Rust MVP at work. I ended up solving the HTTP issue from yesterday by sitting and thinking longer about my problem space and realizing that good old-school threads and ureq actually *do* adequately solve my problem, and so, in *just 78 crates* I've managed to cram:

- a TOML parser for config files
- serde + serde_derive to deserialize those configs
- networking
- CLI arg parsing
- error helpers
- full-ass Lua

Today is a good day to remember that lying has consequences, and that a society where people don't have mutual trust is unstable.

sadly ureq doesn't expose the raw TCP streams I'd need to use so it's threading+ureq, or a full adoption of async here, no real middleground

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*constructs a Cargo.toml for a new project; everything except a network layer*

-> Building 49 crates...

okay, not horrible, many of those are super low-level C-integration mini-crates anyway

*adds http-rs/surf for asynchronous networking*

-> Building 259 crates...

well _fuck me then_. maybe I build a thread-based load testing tool instead then that just can't handle more than a few thousand simultaneous connections, jeez.

(clarity on "it's a meme" since I ran out of characters: there's a running bit in industry that "everyone loves building greenfield, nobody likes maintaining stuff". which is true! but in these cases, if I haven't found a tool that does what I want pretty-damn-close-to-exactly within a workday, I'm already wasting more time than just sitting down and building something myself - bit different methinks!)

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working on infra/sre/devxp teams for the past couple years is such a breath of fresh air compared to my former days working on "product-facing" teams, in that "build something bespoke, for and by your own volition" is a perfectly reasonable answer to many problem spaces on these teams (in my experience), rather than the "idk figure out how to make the existing tooling/frameworks/etc. do your bidding?" trend I found on product teams

it's a meme to love building new things but whatever, man

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