Everything about this makes me angry and makes me very sad and the only way to stop it is to overthrow the current system. There is no other way. But how to go about it?

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Also how we were brainwashed that Filipinos (a name that was also given by the colonisers) before Spanish rule were “primitive” and “uneducated”. They really did so much damage to us as a people, and it continues to this day, and it carries on in the form of people we regretfully consider “kababayan” (fellow Filipinos). The power structures inherent in Filipino society are rooted in imperialism and capitalism.

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I watched a documentary film on daangdokyu.com about going back to tribal roots in the Philippines. It’s so sad that people in power (who are direct descendants of colonisers and to this day own haciendas/land all over the country) are destroying nature to mine and monopolise natural resources, and in the process steal the livelihoods of indigenous people. They even have the gall to use armed military forces to guard their “properties” (which they stole, obviously).

It's that time of the year again: I'm looking for contract Web work, starting next month.

I've been building stuff for the Web since the mid-90s, and while I mostly work with Ruby, Rails, and JavaScript these days, I quickly find my feet in new languages and frameworks. I believe in listening, asking questions, and testing my code.

I would like to work with a friendly, inclusive org that aims to do good. If you have any leads, please hit me up! Boosts very welcome.

my work ethic is based on two simple principles:

1) avoid work as much as possible
2) make sure the work you avoid doesn't fall off on other people

Our Doomsday Supper Club workshop at Our Networks was fun! Thanks to anyone here who might’ve been there!!!

Merveilles Town hero @abundance helped write a new software license and it is good anticapitalist.software/

Fediverse, who knows of anyone licensing their music for use in videos (not for profit)! Bandcamp links are welcome!

@knights Living off the grid, with off the shelf tools, while documenting everything.

Thinking about living an open source life — what would that mean for you and how would you live it?

Gentle reminder that you don’t have to do all the cool things if you don’t have the mental bandwidth or the time to do it!

Had to do this when I noticed David Mitchell playing a cop in Peppa Pig

Usability always, always, always comes before aesthetic

boost if you sometimes feel like you have zero skills

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