Started a weekly newsletter of personal essays mainly for myself and a few friends, and to practise my writing. If you want to read or join, let me know. :tealheart: Goes out every Friday at 05:00 EDT.

Fediverse, anyone up for turning this into a black and white icon? I’ve got a bit of budget for this, so if you’re interested and have time, let me know! :)

In the meantime, here’s a new profile photo for lack of better content! Commissioned a Filipino artist (@dyemosaurus on Twitter) 😊

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I have many more ideas, and hoping I can commit to writing down my experiences and understanding of my own queerness.

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Trying to think about transness, about the root word “trans” — meaning “across” and how that applies in my journey of trans experience. Earlier today I tuned into a talk on Queerness Decolonised, and I learned a lot about gender, identity, and sexuality in Anishinaabe language and context (as well as the concept of Two Spirit, which is unique to indigenous people).

compudanzas: human-powered explorations of emergent complexity

thank you merveilles! now i'm really back to the web and to the project of my dreams :tealheart:

👏 join unions 👏 join co-ops 👏 join collectives

We recently made a video to introduce our open-source incubator that promotes fermented foods and collaboration with natural processes. Tell us what you think 🌻

A Rant About "Technology" - Ursula K. Le Guin:

Remember: the word shouldn't exclusively refer to devices as complex as a computer or a bomber.

so is FOSS like a k-pop group or something?

prototype unreleased Macintosh cyberdeck design. This was a real Apple prototype, apparently!

I don’t have answers. I don’t have questions right now, either. Just leaning in on the loneliness, sitting with the sadness. I’ll let my heart beat a little bit faster, and a little bit slower; but I won’t miss a beat.

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Has anyone… ever indulged in sadness? I was watching one of my favourite films, Tony Takitani (2004) dir. by Murakami Jun, and afterwards listened to the soundtrack composed entirely by Sakamoto Ryuichi. Again the theme of loneliness, and the realisation of what is lost, what is missing, because of it. I don’t really know where this is going, but I’ve been having heart palpitations more frequently nowadays, thanks to the ongoing showcase of depravity by rich, white, cis het men in power.

But also, a sort of solitary interdependence with set boundaries and allowing for space and movement, noticing that distance != abandonment or rejection or being forgotten or not being seen.

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