its fucked up that microsoft word's track changes and commenting features are the "best" implementations of collaborative hypertext tools that exist outside of deeply technical circles

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i simply wish to contextually annotate any given file on my system

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no one cares about hypertext anymore or even knows what it really is, pour one out for the old internet

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My favourite (but now defunct) band SUPERCAR is celebrating its 25th Anniversary and they’ve uploaded some of their music videos on their channel!

Revisiting what I wrote last year about my Lolo, his experiences in the war, today on his 4-year death anniversary.

I was reminded of this essay, which has given me comfort when I feel despair over the world, or my own life, not going as I feel it "should"

"For me, anarchist activism IS the lack of plan.

The un-rigid law, the way that exists in a hundred thousand forms because its essence is flux.

You are never not doing it.

Your rigidity, your definitions, your shoulds and shouldn’ts, these are the only things standing in your own way. "


☁️💦💧Water Bodies💧💦☁️

our call for pitches now open through 12 OCT 2022

As well as @notplants’s imagined future where there are no longer computers or devices due to the unsustainability and scarcity of metals and materiality.

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Our Networks has an open call for their next conference (purely online and distributed!) called 2047: Redistributing the Future, about what the world (and the internet) would look like in the year 2047.

for whatever european home owners exist in the town && wider fediverse: remember that you can heat the people and not the space this extremely costly winter

@Rachel_Thorn ahh thanks for reading and sharing this feedback, I didn’t know how her idea, seemingly steeped in tech, would land with someone outside that circle and I’m super-glad to hear this, I will then recommend this series to more men. It’s the kind of thing that a senpai once described Dale Carnegie’s “How to win friends and influence people” book to me: “it’s all stuff you ‘know’ but orders them in importance” (I really liked that book too, very helpful in breaking out of unthinking behavioral patterns assigned to us by society).

(Chelsea is one of those true educators, gifted with the ability to spend an infinite amount of energy to figure out the best way to get people to learn and change. And like all great educators, she knows that becoming a better human can help you improve any other skill. Reading her work convinced me that I am not an educator, I am not motivated to spend that much effort achieving that level of clarity, I’d rather spend it doing other things (this self-knowledge is good!).)


Men: I found the divine Chelsea Troy's essay series on listening to be very, very good with practice-friendly, actionable advice on how to stop hogging the mic: part one is introductory, and you don't have to read the whole thing—if you're the introspective type you'll probably figure out what you need to do by part 3.

What I imagine when people say open hardware, but it's never that.

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