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A soft human. A life in permanent beta. 🌸

I am a media artist and developer. I am interested in identity, memory, nostalgia in both the physical and virtual; online and offline networks of care; personal archiving and documentation; handmade web and alternative ways of mark-making.

I create websites and zines, and occasionally write, take photographs, and shoot short films or videos.


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Personal rules for posting:

Add alt-text to images or videos
Maximum of 5 boosts per day
Avoid threading (and if needed, only keep the first one public, and the rest unlisted)
No shitposts
CW as necessary
Slow down

Writing another proposal for an installation that involves video glitch, data moshing, and projection mapping, using archival footage.

Even if it doesn’t get accepted, it’s something I’ll definitely start diving into one way or another in the new year.

Eloise (엘루이즈), a Korean indie rock band. I’m not sure if they’re still active, it’s been ages since their last release, but I have this on repeat, forever. (And again, bonus points on their name!)

Rare hour or so of free time today, playing around with the emulator and SDK. I would love to make some simple games for my daughter to play when she is a bit older!

Chanced upon this while doing some research:

A programming language based on Dadaist philosophies. What is Dada but the ridiculousness of it all?

They also adapted the original manifesto by Hugo Ball:

I’ve been building an open-source, JavaScript-based live coding environment called Facet for the last couple years. It can synthesize multi-channel audio samples as well as MIDI notes, CC, and pitch bend. The front-end text editor is in the browser, and the back-end is two local NodeJS servers. Works on MacOS and Linux right now, Windows is untested.

Check it out if you want:

Today has many meanings.

On Turtle Island, it means once again reminding y'all about #landback.

For those of us who are isolated, under attack for simply existing, and crying out in pain, we are not alone, we will keep crying out and acting out until there is equitable remedies to these generational inequalities, ongoing theft, and systemic erasure of culture.

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today's @itchio creator day, and we are joining with a sale of our introduction to #uxn programming book! we hope you join us!


photo by 100R

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it’s the creator’s day today!
so go buy one of my free games please and thank you 🙏😎✨
also go grab the Electric Zine Maker and make a zine! ⚡️📝✂️💕

Let’s RSS!

Is there an RSS reader that works on e-readers?

Instapaper has Kindle sending capability, wondering if this can be done for RSS and for non-Kindles (currently using the Instapaper email currently for newsletters).

One of the things about Tumblr and potentially Flickr adopting ActivityPub is that it brings the feeling of mid-2000s internet back, when we had APIs and were encouraged to build cool new interconnections. Before the web was stolen from us by advertising companies.

@kweerious this… is a brilliant idea, a natural angle for ActivityPub. I would be surprised if someone hasn’t made something like this, excited to see the replies!

(I have a very umm personalized bookmarking app that I use a lot but it doesn’t fit the bill for what you’re looking for here)

Is there a pinboard/delicious/stumbleupon like #fediverse #bookmark #sharing app? Sorta hoping I can replace Instapaper and pinboard (which has been coasting with little to no involvement for awhile).


Spending too much time on screens means… I need less time on screens…

I’m going to block out time to take walks, draw and play with my nephew, and write in a real notebook.

For many indigenous peoples, today is a day of mourning. Take time today to acknowledge that the land we stand on was stolen and that many lives were lost in the process.
Eat good food but remember to decolonize your perspectives 👏

cozy in a mac rom scarf. specifically this is a slice of the ROM from a Macintosh IIsi. here's how it was made. i used @th 's script and the mac roms on archive dot org

if you have ImageMagick already installed:

$ perl -y 1280 -w 32 mac_rom_archive_-_as_of_8-19-2011/36B7FB6C\ -\ Mac\ IIsi.ROM \ | convert - maciisi.png

Then a slice four columns wide was taken of the resulting image and knit into a scarf. The scarf is 1280 pixels/knit stitches long and therefore wraps natively in the columns of the scarf. if you want to make your own, you'll need a hacked consumer knitting machine or an industrial knitting machine or someone with a setup to machine knit it for you.

Amidst the chaos of the current internet, sooth your sorrows with cool gear! Use "CAPITALISM2022" & get a free 555 pin w/ purchase of colorful clips! Also, if you spend more than 50$ you'll get 10% off. And the RESEARCH & DESTROY stickers are here! 💝🤖

Nothing is final, everything is constantly being iterated.

it's hard to explain to people that software is a fundamentally communal activity because they're like "ohh you're a dev! you must be so smart!" and like. it literally does not matter how smart i am. none of this works at all unless we can collaborate across time and space.

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The recording of our workshop on using Twine for creating webzines is up on Printed Matter's channel! We also introduce Kwago!

We had great discussions on the handmade web, circumventing censorship, and how trust is such an important ingredient to collaborating.

I had a lot of fun and grateful for the opportunity to Printed Matter and my co-conspirator Czyka Tumaliuan. I hope there were some good takeaways! 😊

#twine #zines #webzines

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