Very excited to start my artist/technologist residency at IRL:

“IRL brings together art + tech to develop novel methods of facilitating community connection and momentum building that prioritize those experiencing the greatest risk of exclusion when technology becomes the only source of connection.”


woah, congratulations! this looks amazing!

are each of the 3 technologists paired with an artist? am i reading that correctly? and each pair works on a project together?

i'm excited to see how the projects develop ^_^

@glyph Thanks so much! Actually you could apply as a team; so my partner and I applied as a artists/technologists, the other two pairs did the same!

I’ll try to document as best I can! Very stoked!


ohh that's awesome! i'm sure it'll help to be working with a partner with whom you already have a co-creative relationship and some mutual understanding.

11 weeks seems like a good amount of time to create a deep project, while still being short enough to encourage focused effort.

wishing you all the best for the process.

@glyph Yes! We’re actually operating under our creative studio where we hope to do more projects that involve tech+art+education especially for BIPOC/Filipinos!

Thank you so much again!!! 😊

@knights looks like a very good project, keep us posted =)

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