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🍐 Pears: a temporary, collaborative p2p playlist.

for the past few months, together with Alex Singh (, we've been casually thinking about how shared, living spaces on the p2p web would look/feel like.

we've put together a working version of a playlist for you & your far away friends.

i'm thinking about joining mini jam for the weekend, but i would only have time to work on it during my train ride and flight. the theme is "time", so i guess the circumstances fit.

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'Aurora Express' by Tim Razumovsky, contemporary art with a strong retro-art deco feel.

for my friends here using choo

i've made a little tool that helps you develop and test nanocomponents.

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current inexplainable obsessions:

Ravel's music
Murakami's worlds
Renoir's still-lifes

yesterday night, for some reason, I've written a short manifesto "about our presence as members of peer-to-peer networks (online / offline)".

published "Reverse-Engineering Future Into Daily Tasks" to the beautiful digital interface reading supply by @jim.

@deejoe IPFS: Let's build a high-performance, non-censurable web, and let's add a cash incentive on the side for hosting content. Comes from Silicon Valley-adjacent VC-funded hackers.

DAT: Let's build something that is usable for your average scientist, specifically for sharing scientific datasets, so that that information can be accessible without going through scientific journals or someone's private stash. Comes from EU-grant-funded Danish hackers. Happens to be usable for a distributed web as well.
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