Not going out this year, we usually just dress as "us" and do alright.

@neauoire are you planning some simplified, but UNIX like workflow between noodle, poodle and moogle?

destroying the idea of a software 'application'

we need personalizable tools that can be brought to any computing activity

We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

we baked some pizza today

(note: it's not burnt at all, but for some reason it looks like that in the picture)

Making tools is one thing,
using them is another.

@neauoire would you recommend Next as a main browser on mac os?

for the past 2 days i've been trying to write a short essay about running's importance in my life, but i cannot do it without sounding too self-confident and i can't focus on the things that really matter, so i'm giving up.

this post is for the future, to see that i've tried...

@TeddyDD by the way, i've started learning kakoune after i saw one of your posts here. so far it's a nice experience and at least i can feel somewhat optimal with it from the beginning (unlike vim)

i'm thinking about installing linux on my working machine, windows makes me angry more and more often. i don't want ubuntu or any heavy-weight distro, but something small and simple with i3 or friends.

any recommendations? i fear setting up arch linux would take just too much time...

1) Complete secession of the use of nonrenewable resources by 2025, including all fossil fuels.
2) Redistribution of populations into communities of no more than 10,000 people spread across the landscape according to geographically bounded “catchment areas.”
3) Communities must decide together, democratically, how to rule themselves and create a stable-state subsistence economy using only the resources available to them in their catchment areas.

I have read more books this year than I have the last few years and I think its making my life feel more interesting.

it'll be a good project for learning / practicing rust too.

i've been using notion in the past few days and although it isn't bad, it doesn't feel like *the one*. so, fuck it, i'll use simple text files and probably write a cli text editor soon that works exactly the way i like it.

my coworkers and i are looking for nerdy, geeky environmentalist jokes for tomorrow for a sign or banner. any ideas?

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