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🍐 Pears: a temporary, collaborative p2p playlist.

for the past few months, together with Alex Singh (, we've been casually thinking about how shared, living spaces on the p2p web would look/feel like.

we've put together a working version of a playlist for you & your far away friends.

i've gotten to know like...... a mindblowing amount of mindblowing people. i guess the p2p web is not just alive, but blossoming


i'm thinking about resurrecting ridder and making it well designed and stable and not specifically an rss reader, but an interface that helps you digest content (long or short) on a computer screen (something i struggle with sometimes) 🤔

instead of using money or gold why don't we use land? that way we would have to keep it healthy...

No, do not update #WhatsApp because it has a serious vulnerability that can be used to spy on you. Delete it, as it spys on you even with nobody putting spyware on your phone.

#privacy #humanrights

In case you haven't seen it yet and you're in the neighbourhood (that's Brussels), we're opening the Ways of Connecting exhibition for 3 extra days. We're having Evan Roth's Red Lines (networked piece on submarine internet cables, with a P2P aspect), and Renaming the Web by @raphaelbastide & Louise Druhle, based on Dat, Beaker and Raspberry Pis ;)

Thousands of years in the future, if human life or sentient beings exist on earth, maybe archaeologists will find AirPods in the forgotten corners of homes. They’ll probably wonder why they were ever made, and why so many people bought them. But we can also ask ourselves those same questions right now.

i like mastodon but i miss rotonde

it was really cool for like 2 weeks. I wish we could find a way to inject personality in the presentation here.

i'm thinking about joining mini jam for the weekend, but i would only have time to work on it during my train ride and flight. the theme is "time", so i guess the circumstances fit.

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'Aurora Express' by Tim Razumovsky, contemporary art with a strong retro-art deco feel.

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Revel in the marvels of the universe.