in the past few days i've been madly working on a little, very modular toolkit for building static websites. would like to hear some feedback if anyone's interested.

this is an example of building a choo app into static files and including the javascript bundle too.

@kodedninja first off, this is all really impressive! I was able to get it to work pretty quickly!

I want to dive in more to what's going on under the hood, and also try it on some of my larger projects, but very first initial impressions.
1) Update the readme in stakit, the examples shown there don't work. For example you have different requires `@stakit/choo` vs `stakit-choo`. Small things like that so someone testing it out can use it.



2) I've also been curious about this with choo in general, but why not embrace es6 fully? For example, it seems sort of the de facto standard to not be use var anymore when starting new projects. Is there a specific reason that you're not using const/let?

As I dive further in I'll shoot you some more stuff (if you want). I can either do it on here or in another medium if you'd prefer. Again, great work!

@ckipp thanks a lot for trying it out!

1) I know the documentation needs improvement, that's why I only released it for this little group for now. I've been messing around with ideas (I have a lot) and simply didn't have the time to always update the documentation. same for tests, I didn't want to write them before the whole project has a stable structure.

there are also sentences that are incorrect or could be expressed much better, but I alone am not enough for all of this haha


2) choo modules follow the standard code style, which recommended using var (just had a look and this isn't in the documentation anymore). honestly, I just like how it looks, same for standard in general.

for me const is part of a type system, which in JS does not exist, so I'm okay without it. forcing some parts of a type system onto a dynamic language is not something I agree with.

@ckipp I think it makes sense to choose some other medium for further discussion. I'm available on email and on telegram :)

@kodedninja this looks fantastic! I’ve always been wanting to play around with Choo so this will be a great starting point ^^

@tomupom thanks!

choo is awesome! stakit should work with other frameworks too, but, of course, it's "choo first"

@kodedninja is it like express but frontend and when you finished programming you write everything statically ?

@ragekit I would say it's more like browserify for html and for building the full site. or maybe gulp but shaped specifically for static html sites. the frontend is choo, but they're independent.

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