as university's approaching i'm thinking more and more about the tools and systems i want to use for studying. currently can't really decide if i should use notion or make something for myself for the general database / wiki system.

notion's interface and experience is a miracle, but should i give away my data?

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but i guess this is a rhetorical question in this group

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allright, i've been really thinking about some structure that would be somewhere between a simple wiki / documentation / markdown + a database that you can query (most likely with sql-like syntax, because it's powerful)

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i've been using notion in the past few days and although it isn't bad, it doesn't feel like *the one*. so, fuck it, i'll use simple text files and probably write a cli text editor soon that works exactly the way i like it.

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it'll be a good project for learning / practicing rust too.

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@kodedninja you have at least a few years before notion goes to shit. i've been interested to see what i can learn design-wise, but right now i don't see myself using anything proprietary and platform-based as my wiki - it would be like trusting someone else to take care of my brain

@cblgh of course, it would be awesome to design a system. but i'm afraid that it would take too much effort to maintain and develop it :/

i need to think about it more...

@kodedninja @cblgh you also have the option of using an existing open source wiki system as a starting point

@kodedninja fwiw monotome has been minimal on both fronts, so it depends a lot on what you're willing to do without just as much as what you yourself need

(and using notion doesn't reflect your sense of worth; it's just a tool, albeit a tool that you don't own and which can be taken from you)

@kodedninja I mostly just used a bullet journal throughout the first couple of years of university

@joshavanier i've been also using a bullet journal, but i want a common space for everything university related (lecture notes, exams, etc.). i would also like to query this somehow for basically anything :D

@kodedninja I just use an old fashioned with the DB file on some file hosting service. It's absolutely unperfect, but I have the control over my data I want (could use Dropbox or some Nextcloud, etc), and there's no setup involved ;)

@yhancik "a single xml or sqlite file" i definitely want something that stores the data in some hand-editable text format :/

@kodedninja which makes sense yes, and actually, knowing you, I should have guessed ;) So a flat file wiki? :p

@yhancik something like that! i like the structure of the content on my site, but i need a powerful way to query it, and also a way to have data tables within text-files and vice versa.

@kodedninja which makes me wonder, regardless of this specific use case, are there any projects/tools that do some kind of "advanced queries" on flat-files?

@yhancik that's what i'm searching right now... only found this javascript SQL implementation, which i guess could work if it's correctly fed with data

@yhancik i've been thinking about sqlite, but then it's this weird thing that data is in the flat-file format, but also in the sql. i might have to do this though, in the end.


No idea if this is even close to what you're looking for, but I've slowly been moving all my flat-file type stuff over to TOML. It's easy to edit by hand, human readable, and very easily put into JSON for any querying needs.

Bonus: If you happen to be using Parcel to bundle anything, it handles TOML files by default, which is awesome.

@ckipp thanks! my only problem with it is that it's not text-focused. i want something where i can just embed "objects" within a simple text (markdown probably)

@neauoire @yhancik i'm not exactly sure... a syntax that's based on markdown, but can embed sub-pages and contain tables with bunch of data (this one similar to your db format)

@kodedninja @yhancik instead of a static markdown thing only for adding html styling. I use a scripting language to create dynamic content, maybe you can pull some ideas from this:



@neauoire i'll definitely look around in the source of your wiki!

@kodedninja ask me anything if you've got some questions. I hope you stick to human-readable db formats :)

@neauoire that one's for sure!

i want to avoid also the temporal sqlite for queries...

@kodedninja @neauoire @yhancik
does it definitely have to be in the same file?
if you editor provides something like acme's right-click (ie.: right clicking on a file name opens it in a new "tab") then you don't really need any special format to link data together

@eel basically yes, but to "transclude" any part (or parts) of any document into another document. but a document isn't a higher level type, all text-fields are also documents (?).

so interchangeable documents within document within documents...

Emacs org-mode allows for efficient note taking and also supports text tables, that you can query with sql (via ob-sqlite). It does so by creating a temporary sqlite database, importing the textual table and executing queries on it, then returning the result as textual table.

@kodedninja btw, i just stumbled on this which I assume you know, and maybe it's not entirely relevant..... but just in case ;)

@yhancik didn't know about it, but for sure have a look. thx!

@kodedninja have you checked out org-mode ( I use it for just about all note taking, from personal, to technical, and find that it meets almost all my needs -- an especially powerful feature is org-babel, which allows for blocks of executable code to be embedded in a document.

@eli_oat yeah, it came up before, but as i'm not an emacs user, it doesn't really fit :/

thanks for the input by the way, thanks for everyone!

@kodedninja writing a complete editor sounds brave to me, but I wish you all the best :)

@s_ol it is brave and i'm quite scared of it, but i really like the idea. my needs aren't big, but those i really want.

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