as university's approaching i'm thinking more and more about the tools and systems i want to use for studying. currently can't really decide if i should use notion or make something for myself for the general database / wiki system.

notion's interface and experience is a miracle, but should i give away my data?

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but i guess this is a rhetorical question in this group

allright, i've been really thinking about some structure that would be somewhere between a simple wiki / documentation / markdown + a database that you can query (most likely with sql-like syntax, because it's powerful)

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@kodedninja you have at least a few years before notion goes to shit. i've been interested to see what i can learn design-wise, but right now i don't see myself using anything proprietary and platform-based as my wiki - it would be like trusting someone else to take care of my brain

@cblgh of course, it would be awesome to design a system. but i'm afraid that it would take too much effort to maintain and develop it :/

i need to think about it more...

@kodedninja @cblgh you also have the option of using an existing open source wiki system as a starting point

@kodedninja fwiw monotome has been minimal on both fronts, so it depends a lot on what you're willing to do without just as much as what you yourself need

(and using notion doesn't reflect your sense of worth; it's just a tool, albeit a tool that you don't own and which can be taken from you)

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