navigation was much snappier with choo, though, but i guess it's okay

critical css is also inlined now.

1 page = 1 request (+ images if present)

@kodedninja now you'll need to make a new "new-stack" post ;)

@kodedninja Maybe you should have a dynamic post that generates a new description based on the current stack you're using ;)

@kodedninja Might wanna add mobile-friendly CSS. Otherwise, looks great! :)

@jrc03c as far as i know, it works the same as on desktop. the whole layout is quite simple.

@jrc03c aaah, now i know what you meant. the mobile meta tag is missing. thanks for the heads up!

@kodedninja I think that's perfectly ok. I think that's how a website should be. To me, avoiding to transfer potentially unnecessary data is more important than speed-of-light navigation ;)

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