i've been using this little (very lovely) tool for thinking for the past few days and it's amazing.

for those who are interested, i had a few emails with pirijan about how he wants to handle data in the future (with a real backend behind the tool) and it's all good.

you won't need to sign up if you don't want and then the data will remain on your computer, otherwise it'll be saved to a server and you'll be able to collaborate too on spaces.

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@kodedninja This is super neat. I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I'm assuming no, but do you know if this is open-sourced?

@ckipp it is not :/

but so far i'm totally okay with it because all the data stays on your computer. the developer's working on the server now, but i hope he'll keep this feature.

@kodedninja @ckipp hehe, recognized Pirijan art from enjoyed reading his blog as well.

@kodedninja @neauoire This is just wonderful. The roadmap, the news, the multiselect and move. The frames. I've got a design crush on this.

@peregrine indeed! i honestly can't believe how useful it was for me for the last few days haha

@kodedninja it also feels more related to loose sheets of paper in a way? where you sketch to think, but not to archive

@kodedninja ok this is really nice so far. I really hope its opensource. I promised I wouldn't start using any new proprietary software this year

@kodedninja Looks great 👍 Unfortunately it seems to be closed source but it doesn't embed any third-party tracking or advertising shit and it handles user data carefully.That's much better than all other mindmap services I know.

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