i'm thinking about installing linux on my working machine, windows makes me angry more and more often. i don't want ubuntu or any heavy-weight distro, but something small and simple with i3 or friends.

any recommendations? i fear setting up arch linux would take just too much time...

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@joshavanier is this reliable and stable? setting up my working environment is horrible, sadly, so i don't want to do it often. also, i need to run phpstorm on it......

@kodedninja Ah in that case, you'd be better off going with a more time-tested distro. Kiss is new. How about Debian?

@joshavanier that's my fallback for sure, but i want to explore the alternatives

It's easy and fast to set up a minimal debian system. use the netinstall image and deselect *everything* on the tasksel page. then login to tty and install xorg i3wm slim. reboot into i3.

I've been using Void for a while and I like it. If you want stable and well supported distro then Ubuntu/Mint with i3 can be lightweight and snappy

@TeddyDD i've been using ubuntu with i3 and sadly it was very buggy... but maybe i just fucked up the configs. i don't know...

@TeddyDD mostly graphical ones. it had troubles with handling multiple screens, had to restart to recognize new monitors and some little things that made the experience not so pleasant :/

@kodedninja I gave up and configure monitors with xrandr lol

@kodedninja Looks like ArchLabs comes with i3wm by default.

Manjaro also supposedly has an i3 spin but it's no longer featured on their website.

@kodedninja there are some arch based distros that come preconfigured. I currently use manjaro for work, but I'm starting to worry about the direction they are going. my personal stuff runs on alpine linux, ultra minimal, but a bit of a pain to set up for desktop usage. I love it, but I'll admit its a bit hardcore.

@xj9 @kodedninja second for Alpine and Manjaro. Alpine isn't too bad to get setup for X. If you like i3 and don't have an nvidia graphics card, consider switching to Sway

@kodedninja I've been using my noobie Arch setup since 2011, it's just organically evolved and hasn't felt "so dirty" that I need to wipe everything and re-install. There are some distros based on Arch, but has a bit of boilerplate setup done for you, here's the ones I've seen people using: -- seems light -- seems easy

I made the change from Arch to nixos. It's a whole different animal and takes getting used to, but it's worth looking into for sure.

@kodedninja Manjaro with xfce is my go-to 'I don't wanna think about it' distro nowadays.

@kodedninja manjaro i3 is pretty quick and simple to set up imho, and it was one of the best desktop experience i've had.

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