@neauoire are you planning some simplified, but UNIX like workflow between noodle, poodle and moogle?

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@kodedninja You can copy paste from one onto the other, I'm not sure I can do better than that. What do you have in mind?

@neauoire I don't have anything in particular, I was just wandering if you could do it somehow like pipes work in the terminal... but I'm not sure neither if there's anything simpler than copy paste

@neauoire @kodedninja i guess it would be cool if you could load one application's output into the paste buffer directly, instead of exporting an image, finding it, dragging it. cuts down on a step or two

@cblgh @kodedninja you should be able to copy the canvas from poodle with ctrl-c and paste it directly in noodle.

@cblgh @kodedninja Ack, the repo is slightly behind, I'm going to finish a little feature and it should work with copy/paste as described :)

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