we baked some pizza today

(note: it's not burnt at all, but for some reason it looks like that in the picture)

i've been using this little (very lovely) tool for thinking for the past few days and it's amazing.


in the past few days i've been madly working on a little, very modular toolkit for building static websites. would like to hear some feedback if anyone's interested.


it's quite interesting that when i posted this i hadn't yet seen that the creator used the same phrase to describe the project.

for my friends here using choo

i've made a little tool that helps you develop and test nanocomponents.


🍐 Pears: a temporary, collaborative p2p playlist.

for the past few months, together with Alex Singh (alexsingh.com), we've been casually thinking about how shared, living spaces on the p2p web would look/feel like.

we've put together a working version of a playlist for you & your far away friends.



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