@neauoire oh it wasn't a critique or something haha... i'm glad that at least they support the right people and that you'll be close (-ish)

@neauoire it's quite funny to see your name next to a React event haha

@neauoire I don't have anything in particular, I was just wandering if you could do it somehow like pipes work in the terminal... but I'm not sure neither if there's anything simpler than copy paste

@neauoire are you planning some simplified, but UNIX like workflow between noodle, poodle and moogle?

@nx if the captcha is not behaviour based than it's quite easy to solve, especially if it's open-source. for the behaviour all you need is data... so not a good solution neither.

@nx that's GeeTest, a chinese captcha provider, based on my spike the best alternative, but their pricing is crazy.

@nx we've been trying to have some self-made captcha at my work for the past few months and we had to return to recaptcha. everything else was way too easy to break through for bots...

destroying the idea of a software 'application'

we need personalizable tools that can be brought to any computing activity

We gave a talk at XOXO about living and working off the grid, and trying to apply concepts of to our everyday life.

@teknari i got used to run it quite frequently, even for small changes...

we baked some pizza today

(note: it's not burnt at all, but for some reason it looks like that in the picture)

Making tools is one thing,
using them is another.

@neauoire would you recommend Next as a main browser on mac os?

@cblgh honestly, i've been actually thinking about it lol

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