@focus404 i like to see the work of designers there and many people from the p2p space still post there

@ckipp I've almost never used it, because I've discovered Log and started using that... :/

@ckipp @joshavanier @cblgh some time ago I made a little tool that acted like a "reversed time-tracker" I specified how much time do I want to spend on a task at the beginning of the week and then filled out these spaces afterwards.

@joshavanier @neauoire I think this is a good technical solution. though, it still doesn't solve the issue that it should consist of similar sites, so I don't know...

@neauoire I think the purpose of the Webring is to connect all these similar sites. if someone stumbles upon one of them, it's easy to find all the others. as most sites are in English, I'm quite disappointed when I find an interesting site in the ring, but I don't understand it...

maybe a rule like, "if the content is text-based, it should be English", so sites with visuals wouldn't be affected...

@yhancik oh, yes, I've seen that before. I agree, mailing would be more appropriate!

just finished reading "Are We Human? Notes on an Archaeology of Design" and it was brilliant.


@yhancik i'll be afk for the weekend, but i hope i can help next week.

i'm happy you chose the enoki way :D

@yhancik hmm, good question. maybe there's a different internal purpose for that. feel free to open an issue in my enoki fork if you find something concrete (sadly jon-kyle stopped maintaining his)

@yhancik in the site directory Enoki uses /content for all the content, this gets read when using dat, but the URLs of pages aren't prefixed with /content, so in order to make the site work both on DAT and HTTP, I've decided to move images into the /content to replicate the original structure.

or am I missing something and you don't have to use absolute paths in posts for images?

@neauoire i'm quite curious why did you choose to do it the lisp way? just out of fun?

ah, keeping the js on my site just for the pagination feels so bad... might kill it in the next days

The most monochromatic beach I have ever seen in my life.

@ckipp I started using pipelines at work and I really like it so far

@cblgh so cool, i wanted to organize something like this in a small valley close to my hometown, with the addition that it would be offline, just with a local network.

@ferds of course, that's the only way I listen to any music too. and while streaming platforms encourage song-to-song listening, I think it depends more on the listener.

until the songs are collected and presented in albums, I'm okay with them.

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