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is there some method (some magical name in statistics?) that does the following:

[ 0, 1, 1, 1/0, 0, 1/0/1 ]
[ a, b, b, c, a, d ]

basically "classifies" equal values within an array to some dummy names?

got quite excited to do some text visualisation

it's quite interesting that when i posted this i hadn't yet seen that the creator used the same phrase to describe the project.

why didn't i know about pandoc until now?

finally i can convert my longer html reads to mobi and read it on the kindle.

i had to reinitialize my site's dat archive four times in the past 2 days. it's getting a bit too much...

the new OMAM single brings me back to 2013, into a rainy night, sitting in a bus, floating through the dim lights of a highway.

i'm quite happy with how this enoki utility worked out. it's simple and never does more than what it was asked for.

When I first started chronica I wanted it to be an entire ecosystem of writing, wiki, and works. Up until now it's just been my wiki, but I've finally gotten around to getting words up as well. The site build is very simple. I just use a bash script and pandoc to generate html from md.

basically, these "selected out" pieces are my favourite nils frahm works. the album used to be free too.

Imagine if browsers set scroll speed based on page weight lol

since today my site is a hybrid of static + normal choo app, meaning that it's accessible in <noscript/> browsers. wanted to do this for a long time and i was surprised how smooth it went.

will write a short description about the stack later.

shoutouts to @jim for his soul-touching work on this lovely writing platform!

after a few days of sitting on it, i've decided to publish my thoughts on social networks and social networking as a feature, mostly inspired by my current experiences with twtxt.

i've also included a short description of my DAT-powered twtxt setup at the end. is a beautiful, brilliant guide to decentralised community management by @darius

very much looking forward to digging into it

i hear sounds, i see what surrounds me — the universe is a magical place.

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