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it doesn't work with earphones plugged in, but not in your ears though...

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thanks, computer:

sleep 4m && say "tea is done"

just finished reading "Are We Human? Notes on an Archaeology of Design" and it was brilliant.

ah, keeping the js on my site just for the pagination feels so bad... might kill it in the next days

The most monochromatic beach I have ever seen in my life.

what a day to be alive, TOOL songs on streaming platforms.

i'll be in Zürich for the next few days and i'm open for recommendations as the weather won't be nice for hiking.

"Western science has been our god. In the variety of its power is has preserved, comforted, healed, armed, fed and entertained us and we have felt free to criticize and occasionally reject it as men have always rejected their gods..."

The Children of Men, P. D. James

included indexes for the list pages on my site, so they can be fully accessed without javascript (pagination blocked this previously).

one thing i liked about rotonde was the ability to visit someone else's portal and see their feed, from their perspective

it was a great way of finding new people to follow :)

this one is the shortest out of all the tracks that yet exist. i can't wait to release a full-length album of these sounds. they contain almost everything that i would like to put into a song.

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we're casually working on an experimental metal music project with my best friend and we thought it would be nice to release one of the songs which was inspired by the moon landing.

child genre of stoner metal, noise and dark ambient.

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