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people with better memory, how's that little, minimal source hosting project called? i know that it's black and white and doesn't run javascript...

@kodedninja it also feels more related to loose sheets of paper in a way? where you sketch to think, but not to archive

for those who are interested, i had a few emails with pirijan about how he wants to handle data in the future (with a real backend behind the tool) and it's all good.

you won't need to sign up if you don't want and then the data will remain on your computer, otherwise it'll be saved to a server and you'll be able to collaborate too on spaces.

i've been using this little (very lovely) tool for thinking for the past few days and it's amazing.

i've bought my first psoty record randomly, because the cover art was amazing and it was made out of colorful vinyl.

i'm chillin to it since then.

critical css is also inlined now.

1 page = 1 request (+ images if present)

navigation was much snappier with choo, though, but i guess it's okay

@neauoire any chance that you'll come for ars electronica again, sometimes?

is using ecosia, and giving up some of my privacy, like donating for a good cause?

"We try to immerse ourselves in elegant, timeless tools as we do our best to make them." - Notion

allright, i've been really thinking about some structure that would be somewhere between a simple wiki / documentation / markdown + a database that you can query (most likely with sql-like syntax, because it's powerful)

but i guess this is a rhetorical question in this group

notion's interface and experience is a miracle, but should i give away my data?

as university's approaching i'm thinking more and more about the tools and systems i want to use for studying. currently can't really decide if i should use notion or make something for myself for the general database / wiki system.

hey internet, fyi i instantly close any website with a loading / splash thing... that's like... totally unnecessary.

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