Off to a rocky start with battery, engine now toilet problems but waiting out this isolation on the boat :)

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an interesting, detailed look at disease outbreak with simulations. I recommend checking this out:

Any suggestions for this minimalist site wip Merv?

Real photos and content but temp item descriptions. Final will be static html, no js.

Solar kitchen

- Scheffler Mirror cooker
- Solar dehydrator
- Biogas digester
- Solar box oven
- Solar water heater

"...Food comes from the gardens, we cook with sun and biogas, and we use water from the wells. There is no “food waste” as we use the biogas digester to create methane to cook with and the rest is used as fertilizer on the land. What we eat goes into the compost toilets, again to be used on the land..." @neauoire @rek

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"Imagine if the over 50 million dollars funding Signal had gone towards polishing a distributed messenger. Maybe instead of Signal stickers we'd have a similar level of polish to any of the more private, more censorship resistant, and more available messengers instead. Perhaps that's the real problem."
from Dispelling Decentralization Doubts by @sj (blog post on #Moxie's awful CCC rant against distributed/federated systems"

The whole blog post is great and I recommend it

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Wrote some thoughts on electronics, software, longtermism. Trying to make sense of all this in my head.

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A very cool photo of @kor when we crossed NZ's north island, road trip to Wellington.

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