This is too expensive but seems like quite a nice memex style tool

The marketing copy is janky but the tool is really snappy and easy to find stuff without any manual tagging/organising.


Invite codes if anyone wants:

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@kor what’s the export options? i usually sign up for these note taking apps, find thet the answer is “lol” and it’s a deal breaker.

@kor Their whole selling point is that they remove the very thing that makes the whole memorization and retention work to begin with.
Manually categorizing, logging and arranging is what makes cataloguing data and organizing one's mind possible. aka taking lecture notes et all.
Data entry sucks and nobody wants to do it, but only the person who entered the data knows what it is and where it was stored, so it's a bit of a paradox.
I have not yet found a tool better than Dynalist personally

@nomand You can still enter stuff manually, it just gets 90% of the keywords automatically through location context and image recognition. No loss in functionality, just saves you time.

@nomand Oh actually I think we have two different definitions of this tool too. For me I don't care about "rentention" or "memorization" at all. If I wanted that I'd use a flashcard system like Anki

Memex-like tools to me are quick access storage and filtering. Quickly store and find things. Give you an overview. See relations. Learn insights through looking at your things with different lenses.

@kor mm my usecase is similar to yours. My argument is that if all I have to do is copy an url into a "save for later void", without putting it into a self-defined category, giving it my own tags and giving it a title, there's nothing to tell me what it is and why I saved it, if I am to search for stuff later in my database, you know what I mean?

@nomand you can rename, manually tag and add notes. It’s up to you to add “what it is and why you saved it”~ just also automatically adds 90% of the logical tags with machine learning. You can still hate on it if you want, it’s too expensive.

It’s also a tag venn diagram system not a memory palace structural tree thing.

@kor ohhhh, sorry I wasn't hating I didn't realize what it was. My initial impression was from their marketing copy.

Shit, do you realize what that tool actually is and the value of that company in the end if they manage to get enough users? It's like a Captcha for culture - people will be more encouraged to tag everything they put in because it'll be easy to do since the pre-trained AI would suggest them tags that are pretty accurate. In a way the AI will train humans to put tags in.

@kor Humans would refine the robot by correcting it when it's suggestions are wrong and through many iterations, the ML function is going to be an extremely valuable asset for whoever aquires them to consolidate the ML node into their AI megabrain

@kor that's pretty clever. And the users won't even realize the symbiosis they're creating.
We're slowly crawling into the matrix

@zens probably 'lol'. I'm not planning to use it long term, but it's fun to research/play.

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