Lately I've been trying to wrangle a group of friends to buy a chunk of land in New Zealand

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@kor It looks beautiful! What are your plans for it?

@rostiger An off-grid private community land for long term living.

Through talking with other communities: a shared purpose and shared "communal" facilities (like a hub with kitchen, shared dining, office space and workshop space).

Community members would have a private small section to build their own house. The rest of the land would be shared community land for members to decide (forest, co-operative business like an orchid, workshops, airbnb, festival or even nothing).

Open to change tho

@rostiger There is a lot to figure out though. Not even sure if it'll happen yet.

@kor Dang, that's inspiring! I would love to do something like that, but wouldn't even know where to start.

@kor it's so beautiful. meanwhile the median house price in Melbourne just hit $1M AUD. 🙃

@whtrbt Yeah, same here in Auckland. Completely not interest in that, doesn’t make any sense.

@kor super super cool :) make sure to learn from the documented mistakes from communes of the recent past :tealheart:

@cblgh @kor Oh, do you have any references on that? I'd be curious to read about those experiences.

@rostiger @kor sadly no references that spring out immediately. i know there have been written books about the 60s/70s communes, with anecdotes about what failed & why. the closest thing i can recommend is the documentary Spaceship Earth (2020)

it's a quite rosy perspective of the communal life tho :)

@cblgh @rostiger Thanks for the link.

For certain. We spoke to a woman who lived at Mahana seen here and also have a friend who lives at a more functional community land called Moehau, which also has gone through.. trials.

@cblgh @rostiger @kor i watched this earlier last year, it was pretty fascinating as far as documentaries go. it felt far more balanced than documentaries typically are, and presented issues, scandal, and the concept and followed it chronologically, or seemed to. i believe i skipped out on the last 30 minutes though, for some reason - probably fell asleep while watching it :) would recommend though, was definitely worth a look. the project was fascinating, imho.

@ringo @cblgh @rostiger watched it the other night. What an amazing, inspiring group.

Thanks heaps for the recommendation.

@kor @ringo @rostiger so happy you liked it! i was blown away, both times i've watched it

@cblgh @kor Oh, I missed this! Thanks for the rec, goes on the watchlist.

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