@neauoire @nomand oh hi! ^-^. Just been busy and lurking. Hope you all here are good!

Sarah and I are planning to move to and live on Quest (26ft). I sold my half of Horizon (35ft). Still looking for affordable nice Forrest land, a bit disillusioned.

Still working on crypto BS I feel is not welcome here :)

Back to covid lock downs in NZ.

@neauoire the plan is this summer, so ASAP. Got to finish removing gross carpet on the roof/walls, we are trying to smooth and paint the interior fibreglass. Then compost toilet and new electrical system (got most of the parts for this now).

@kor I'm excited for you! That's soon, I'd love to see some pictures of Quest if you have more pictures. We recently went through the process to insulate the boat :)

@neauoire I saw! How has that worked out? Would you do anything differently? We aren’t planning to insulate.

Quest is this one kor.nz/posts/finding-quest

@kor It worked out pretty well! It was even "fun", dare I say, Rekka has documented everything.

@neauoire @kor Working well so far, no condensation as far as i can tell... but it's not super cold yet, we'll report back in February ;).

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