Continuing to make weird shaped bits of wood to mount solar panels… angle grinders are great :D
Planning to fibreglass em.

@kor I'm about to do something similar on Chiara, buy trying to use existing hardware from the solar panel that was there. But mounting a bigger one so need to make sorta rails as an adapter

@nomand nice that’s smart. I just couldn’t think how to do stuff in metal with tools I have, so made dumb wood bits. Should be fine though. For now anyway :)

@kor oh I'm going with wood as well :D it's so much easier to work with if it doesn't need to hold much force

@kor aI have a flexible panel that the previous owner of the boat installed with the ropes going over it. I’ve always wondered why he chose that solution.

@lilletale flexibles seem quite popular for boats! Oh! You mean the mast ropes go over the top of your panel? I guess maybe the rope shade doesn't affect it that much?

@kor Nice, we used tiny bits of tubing and rail fitings to hold ours :)

@neauoire that looks great :D. Did you buy the tube bits pre-made?

@kor No, they were PVC pipes we used for another project.

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