Solarpanel mounts shaped, epoxied, painted and mounted!

@neauoire yeah, I noticed it wasn’t done too often but ah well. Seems like a good spot other than mast/sail shade on hopefully only one panel... I want to add davits on the back and another big panel on top there.

@kor @neauoire We thought it would be bad for shade too, but it's been fine. At anchor we just slide the boom off to one side and extend it out with our preventer line to clear the panel futher.
Many ppl don't have that space free, cause of spray hoods, dorades etc. Actually ours is laying over a set of dorades XD...

@rek @neauoire ahaha. That’s great news. I’m looking forward to wiring them up properly. Need to buy some batteries…

@kor ::nonchalantly sailing in a sea of blood::

@tty thanks! Lucky golden-hour timing as I was leaving haha

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