Solar cables through roof this weekend .

Live-aboard deadline mid-March.

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@kor deadline, as in, that's it, you're moving aboard? Seems to coincide with @nomand's timeframe 🤔

@neauoire Yup! Been living with my partner for a while in a house but we put in our notice. @nomand is already on boat!

@kor @nomand I remember it was soon, but I wasn't sure it already happened.

I'm excited for you two 🖤 good luck with the moving aboard :)

@neauoire @kor having a full time job on a boat is just not going to work long term.

@nomand @kor yeah, it's clearly incompatible. We've met people who made it work, and ugh, sounds very dangerous and stressful.

@neauoire @kor I'm not planning to work while cruising, hell no.
Tied up to piles at the moment, more an issue of not wanting to work, but needing the money for the life runway + boat maintenance.
If I was made redundant today, I wouldn't worry though. Just the last stretch~ don't think I'll work full time by the end of the year.

@nomand @kor sounds like you have a plan, would you consider working as an independant? remotely?

@neauoire @kor I already work remote by default, I've freelanced before, but I just don't have the passion for moving polygons anymore so trying to move away from Unity / game shit, "3d art" and towards process management, team building and production. Having had my hands in every devhole I hardly want to touch those holes again :P
A jump from being quite senior and team lead back to mouse for hire doesn't appeal to me from a freelancing standpoint.

@neauoire businesses could hire me to tell them why their product shouldn't exist in the first place, how they're wasting millions making shit that doesn't matter while converting the souls of their employees into empty shareholder promises.

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