Anyone got mortgage tips? Lol.

Trying to buy this atm:

10 acres of bush, with beach access, right next to moorings, on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand.

Sarah and I got it! Come visit if you are ever around New Zealand again 🖤🙏. It has excellently convenient boat parking @neauoire @rek

@kor wait you can actually buy places like that? O_o

@kor @rek nice :) Will let you know next time we're in your area!

@kor @neauoire Yaaa that is so coooool! Great Barrier Island <3. Oh man, would be amazing to dock near there someday :D!

@Lutrinus yes! That’s the plan, is gonna be a tricky one to figure out consent and getting building materials and building ourselves. So will take a while. Will be living in the boat until then.

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