Black T-Rex in Auckland. Apparently the bones/fossils are black from absorbing minerals.

Solar cables through roof this weekend .

Live-aboard deadline mid-March.

Dominic Tarr’s yacht “Yes, lets” is finally ready to launch this weekend! I’m gonna head down to Kawhai to visit for the splash. Looks like it’s been a lot of work, rot fixing, full refit, full repaint etc…

Explored a nearby botanic garden in Auckland with friends recently. Beautiful place to hang and a decent variety of plant types/themes.

Making a fibreglass mould for a compost toilet urine diverter haha. Will see if I can pirate em.

Continuing to make weird shaped bits of wood to mount solar panels… angle grinders are great :D
Planning to fibreglass em.

Slow terrible progress on spare time boat renovations but got some awesome masks to make it more doable.

Friends found some perfect cedar in a skip bin, so my van is finally getting walls! (Who throws this stuff out!?)

Visited Dominic's new "Imagine" boat-in-progress. Nearly water tight again :)

Visited Nigel and Jules on Pakatoa Island again recently @rek @neauoire

They are looking to finish their yacht next year, and are building on a bit of land in the north. Going to leave the island.

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