Visited Dominic's new "Imagine" boat-in-progress. Nearly water tight again :)

Visited Nigel and Jules on Pakatoa Island again recently @rek @neauoire

They are looking to finish their yacht next year, and are building on a bit of land in the north. Going to leave the island.

Wrote about Solarsails - our solarpunk themecamp.
Bamboo, repurposed junk, solar panels and optimism.

Finally picked up my Merv letter and stickers. Thanks @somnius , so nice.

Wall mount charger base for marine radio wired up finally.

Off to a rocky start with battery, engine now toilet problems but waiting out this isolation on the boat :)

Any suggestions for this minimalist site wip Merv?

Real photos and content but temp item descriptions. Final will be static html, no js.

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