Off to a rocky start with battery, engine now toilet problems but waiting out this isolation on the boat :)

Any suggestions for this minimalist site wip Merv?

Real photos and content but temp item descriptions. Final will be static html, no js.

"We discuss animal communication, the trajectory of history, and the dangers of comfort."


Skip to 00:24:30 though..

"TIL there is a community of solarpunks salvaging abandoned boats and living off of like $300 a month on them while running decentralized web infrastructure."

Iiiiits the scuttleship! :D

A reply: "Is 100 rabbits a part of this group?"

@neauoire @rek

Keyboard project started!

Lily58 Pro with Kailh PG1425

It's a huge pain because I am stubborn :D

Currently filing the switch slots to fit the switches, and then I have to cut the pcbs so that they fit also...

Possibly easier to modify the pcb and get it printed myself...

Got my pi4 :)

Time to give linux another shot... Arch is best option? I just need it to look pretty, and be able to run VS code, Git, Spotify, VLC, Firefox etc.

Gonna try just stick the pi and battery to the back of this screen and make a stand.

Keyboard in photo is not mine, just testing.

Any keyboard peoples know how I can get more information about specifically this keyboard or extremely similar? Either buying one, or building the same. "black mask 60 mechanical keyboard" searches don't get me anywhere.

The photos are from the "Tokyo Mechanical Keyboard Meetup Vol.6"

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