@neauoire so good! Sarah and I have been watching the Tally Ho rebuild lately, which seems big, but Ceiba is next level youtube.com/playlist?list=PLB0

@neauoire Wwwwwwooooowww "Handmade porcelan urine diverter for DIY composting toilet" 😍ahaha.

What have I become.

@dualhammers thats why I cbf with Linux. I probably should, but probably won't.

Just wanna make my own stuff instead.

@neauoire Ooooo pretty mushroom. Where do you find your second hand stuff mostly?

@neauoire @amatecha Could get a tow? But yeah, makes some things an additional challenge or not possible =/

Getting a bit jaded by property processes but looking at more beautiful lands for a home. Getting better at these Google Earth overview vids


@amatecha @neauoire and you can have wind gen, hydro gen while sailing, last resort backup petrol generator... just all extra expenses.

@amatecha @neauoire IMO electric motor is fine, the problem is you need lots of expensive batteries and then a way to charge them all. Not easy to have enough solarpanel real estate on a yacht (...but possible!). So you end up with a smallish battery bank, for still quite a lot of money, and are required to sail 99% of the time, using the e-motor just for docking/marina. The last thing isn't necessarily bad. Still an option I am keen on.

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@neauoire A friend had one similar to these, which was fairly easy to use. You put in a log, and hit it with a hammer.

@ringo @cblgh @rostiger watched it the other night. What an amazing, inspiring group.

Thanks heaps for the recommendation.

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Two villagers cross the longest-known living-root bridge on a misty morning. The bridge is over 160 feet long and hangs over a 230-foot-deep river valley.


@neauoire awww no! I just spoke to Dominic and showed him, he said that would happen haha.

He reckoned you could make a frame out of split bamboo and cover that with gladwrap or similar. Bit more rigidity.

Another lazy option he had seen was people fiberglassing directly on their existing old dodger fabric and framing, then painting that hah.

Friends found some perfect cedar in a skip bin, so my van is finally getting walls! (Who throws this stuff out!?)

@neauoire whaaaaaaat. Never seen this technique but it makes sense. I am excited to see the results. Our yacht Quest is in need of a dodger too..

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