@rosano serving public views of data (like memex app and my website articles).

Also wanting it to be a as simple as possible app, which is local storage first, then syncs to cloud data if available.

I was also thinking a database was the way to go since I wanna be able to edit the data from multiple devices and also expose selected data to public.

Keen to dig into remote storage though if it’s an option. Seems like what you really want for web apps.

@rosano oh and my original idea of sticking with just JavaScript (and node.js when needed) was to keep everything in the same language (for web stuff) since the web uses JS, keep things simple.
TypeScript isn’t a huge departure and brings some nice things.

@rosano hmmm... I guess it builds on my existing knowledge, while improving on existing tools I've used.

Sorry if rhetoric, meaning no harm. Open to push back.

Standard MtG online is a walled garden where you don't really own the cards. NFT cards are more like real life, you can trade them outside the game, no one can take them off you or remove you're ability to access them, even if the game developers stop the game. The NFT can have attributes on-chain that any game can use.

Non art NFTs are more interesting to me, like game items, cards, weapons, dances, cosmetics, anything you could own in a game. Only intereseting for multiplayer games. A good example is Magic the Gathering, irl you buy and own the cards, you can sell them in stores or to friends, trade them, make up your own game with them.

If one were to welcome increased virtualised existence, displaying digital 'originals' that support the artist in one's personal virtual space might carry similar interest as hanging a painting vs a print on a real wall. Digital art frame irl maybe? I dunno. I think including legal rights on the NFT attributes makes sense like 'by holding this NFT you own this art's IP and have full rights of use, reproduction w/e etc' written on the NFT on-chain by the artist.

Crypto art? Not sure I am entirely convinced..

Thinking... its to give infinitely reproducible digital art collectability through own-ability, sell-ability, trade-ability of an artist deemed official 'original'. Can also help the artist with auto contract enforced royalties on trades. ...

@rek a friend (Helena from Hackland) recently started making her own vegan cultured cashew cream cheese and blue cheese.


Visited Dominic's new "Imagine" boat-in-progress. Nearly water tight again :)

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this looks handy: a 5 KB javascript library to make lists and tables sortable listjs.com

@raelzero @rek @neauoire haha but this thing is so big 50kts probably feels slow. 101m long (332ft), 39m wide (128ft).

Yeah. I agree. Something where the racing is really actually pushing bounds for general consumer utility directly. I imagine level 4/5 autopilot boats would be simpler than cars too.

It would be amazing if cargo ships could sail hydrofoil but I don’t think the physics works out.

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@nomand you can rename, manually tag and add notes. It’s up to you to add “what it is and why you saved it”~

...it just also automatically adds 90% of the logical tags with machine learning. You can still hate on it if you want, it’s too expensive.

It’s also a tag venn diagram system not a memory palace structural tree thing.

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