Visited Dominic's new "Imagine" boat-in-progress. Nearly water tight again :)

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this looks handy: a 5 KB javascript library to make lists and tables sortable

@raelzero @rek @neauoire haha but this thing is so big 50kts probably feels slow. 101m long (332ft), 39m wide (128ft).

Yeah. I agree. Something where the racing is really actually pushing bounds for general consumer utility directly. I imagine level 4/5 autopilot boats would be simpler than cars too.

It would be amazing if cargo ships could sail hydrofoil but I don’t think the physics works out.

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@nomand you can rename, manually tag and add notes. It’s up to you to add “what it is and why you saved it”~ just also automatically adds 90% of the logical tags with machine learning. You can still hate on it if you want, it’s too expensive.

It’s also a tag venn diagram system not a memory palace structural tree thing.

@nomand Oh actually I think we have two different definitions of this tool too. For me I don't care about "rentention" or "memorization" at all. If I wanted that I'd use a flashcard system like Anki

Memex-like tools to me are quick access storage and filtering. Quickly store and find things. Give you an overview. See relations. Learn insights through looking at your things with different lenses.

@zens probably 'lol'. I'm not planning to use it long term, but it's fun to research/play.

@nomand You can still enter stuff manually, it just gets 90% of the keywords automatically through location context and image recognition. No loss in functionality, just saves you time.

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Invite codes if anyone wants:

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@jakeisnt 100%
If I had more time I'd steal the features I like and add them to

@neauoire @rek I first visited with Joran, but not this time. Helena joined though.

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