@Ethancdavenport @Creaturista *=There is a more complicated way to calculate it properly.

There are also different types of anchors and ground and weather and combos blah blah.

You can just drop them though ahaha. Should set eventually~ =P

@Ethancdavenport @Creaturista they need to "set" the right way so that they plow into the ground when you pull on them horizontally... which also means you need 5 to 10 times the length of rope/chain as is the depth of the water* so that when your boat moves (from wind/waves) it is more horizontal pulling than vertical. Pulling an anchor vertically upward is how you unset it and leave~

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The first live performance at the Gran Teatre del Liceu opera house in Barcelona, newly reopened after coronavirus lockdowns. A string quartet gave a performance of Puccini’s Crisantemi to an audience of 2292 plants. As you can see from the pictures, it was a full house, because plants have excellent taste, obviously. The plants were later adopted by healthcare workers.

@0xxg4 @nx its completely do-able. dominictarr.com/ is a solo live aboard on a 26ft Raven. Lot's of people do.

If you sail long distance alone you set things up with auto steering and take short naps. If just anchoring or marina/mooring they its all fine.

Wall mount charger base for marine radio wired up finally.

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@neauoire "Cleo's (his current boat's) story is not finished"
He was worried that the Wylo was going to be scrapped if no one bought it but it turned out the current owner was just going to get it trucked to Wellington.

@neauoire Dominic Tarr nearly brought a half built Wylo yesterday xD

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@cuddlepunk I have been doing similar the last few days.
Coffee lifeblood here I come.

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