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What even is adulthood?

Biologically, turning 24 and ceasing growth?

Economically, turning 18 and ready to be exploited in the workplace, or kill in a war?

Sociologically, having to kill all your interests, and replace them. With drab, unexciting, bland, tasteless doldrum. Or you'll forever be economically locked out of any opportunity, for expressing yourself.

Adulthood is bullshit, don't ever grow up.
Grow your interests, and never lose yourself.

Black T-Rex in Auckland. Apparently the bones/fossils are black from absorbing minerals.

@jrc03c less spam emails? If I knew your username I could make Microsoft (etc) send you many unsolicited temp password emails.

@Lutrinus yes! That’s the plan, is gonna be a tricky one to figure out consent and getting building materials and building ourselves. So will take a while. Will be living in the boat until then.

Sarah and I got it! Come visit if you are ever around New Zealand again 🖤🙏. It has excellently convenient boat parking @neauoire @rek

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Anyone got mortgage tips? Lol.

Trying to buy this atm: youtube.com/watch?v=5e0SrZWhev

10 acres of bush, with beach access, right next to moorings, on Great Barrier Island in New Zealand.

@rostiger Nono. This is Dominic Tarr's boat. I'm the weirdo with his feet in the water.

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@tty thanks! Lucky golden-hour timing as I was leaving haha

@neauoire Yup! Been living with my partner for a while in a house but we put in our notice. @nomand is already on boat!

@neauoire Yeah, has been a lot of work for Dominic and Racheal - over a year.

Solar cables through roof this weekend .

Live-aboard deadline mid-March.

@neauoire and probably much more in New Zealand than USA/Canada haha

@neauoire This looks like the exact kind of thing I'm looking for too. Probably don't need that much land though haha.

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