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@cancel @neauoire @cblgh also hard to store because you really want it at high pressure to be space efficient - which takes energy. Also the atoms are small so it escapes easy(?). The good thing is that it floats, so leaking tanks OUTSIDE don't pool like leaking petroleum would - just flies away.
I did electrolysis tests a few years back with a diy grid thing with @nomand - made some fire pops.

Making it on demand us a great idea. I wonder how big of a set up you'd need to boil water quickly.

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@cancel @neauoire I feel like you're the ghost of a wizard who haunts Devine with helpful programming tips and stern practical advice.

@rek @neauoire oh wow. That's cool. I checked second hand online here for Fynspray (because it's beautiful) but only plastic trash available.

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@rek Hmmmm. Wonder how hard it would be to brew your own fuel.

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A Raspberry Pi internet radio receiver, that allows you to browse and play more than 2000 online radio stations using the analog controllers of an old radio.

@salamander wow, looks amazing. Is the wiki public? Do you have further details online?

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This thing is called a 5D optical data storage crystal. It's a little piece of fused quartz, etched to remarkable precision using a femtosecond ultraviolet laser.

The "5D" part of the name is just a marketing gimmick (it only has three dimensions, obviously), but it's impressive anyway. Using current technology, these little things can store 360 terabytes of data. Once written, these crystals can survive temperatures up to 1000°C, and could theoretically last for billions of years.

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@dualhammers Good idea :D

@ice @cancel @electret “first we build the tools, then they build us”

@deianeira Bitwarden now. I've used
KeePass and Syncthing in the past but found it janky. Bitwarden is simple, has 2FA TOTP (paid but cheap), open source etc. Used 1Password before that and didn't/don't like it.

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Wrote about Solarsails - our solarpunk themecamp.
Bamboo, repurposed junk, solar panels and optimism.

@s_ol @ice flux every time!
I've seen people epoxy their USB in better too.

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