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Two villagers cross the longest-known living-root bridge on a misty morning. The bridge is over 160 feet long and hangs over a 230-foot-deep river valley.

Friends found some perfect cedar in a skip bin, so my van is finally getting walls! (Who throws this stuff out!?)

Lately I've been trying to wrangle a group of friends to buy a chunk of land in New Zealand

Visited Dominic's new "Imagine" boat-in-progress. Nearly water tight again :)

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this looks handy: a 5 KB javascript library to make lists and tables sortable

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Invite codes if anyone wants:

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Visited Nigel and Jules on Pakatoa Island again recently @rek @neauoire

They are looking to finish their yacht next year, and are building on a bit of land in the north. Going to leave the island.

This is too expensive but seems like quite a nice memex style tool

The marketing copy is janky but the tool is really snappy and easy to find stuff without any manual tagging/organising.

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@cancel @neauoire I feel like you're the ghost of a wizard who haunts Devine with helpful programming tips and stern practical advice.

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A Raspberry Pi internet radio receiver, that allows you to browse and play more than 2000 online radio stations using the analog controllers of an old radio.

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