It's been a while, spring is here and I'm back from hibernation 😄

Here's a simulation I made inspired by the soil's eco system

green : plant life
brown : carbon
white : fungi / microbes
black (empty space) : compost

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Farm Hack. A worldwide community of farmers that build and modify their own tools

I have never seen a site that says "Welcome to the new site/design/dashboard" that's even remotely new.

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I stand by my position: humans should hibernate in winter. I want to sleep until March.

Anyone know of any conferences in the US that are worth going to? I'm most interested in an open source theme or anything not super "enterprise"

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Anyone have any personal opinions on this or have an explanation why the first option might be preferred?

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I think the second example

1. Helps you see where your ending brackets correspond to
2. Prevents long lines

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One thing I just have not been able to understand is why nobody prefers to put your ending bracket on the next line. For example, I think most devs would prefer this


over this


Hacker news post: Safe interdimensional space travel achieved
Single comment: What a terrible landing page

That's probably why I gravitated towards programming because most people don't have a clue what I'm working on.

I realized I'm actually pretty terrified of others judging my work. When I try to practice drawing or learning a loud instrument I get overwhelmed and I have a hard time getting further. I institutionally have to destroy any evidence of my mistakes.

That's something I should work on.

My dream is to create a massively multiplayer unleashed sandbox game with permadeath where players work together to build strongholds with player run shops and policing systems

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Today I bottled up some of the sauerkraut from my first batch. It has been going for 11 days; no taste of cabbage anymore and it tastes super tangy. Intrigued to see how the flavour develops.

Also transferred some chaga (Inonotus obliquus), reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) and turkey tail (Trametes versicolor)-infused coconut oil to a smaller jar.

All of it will be gifted to friends in the valley; gifted by the combined efforts of the sun, soil, water, plants, bacteria and humyns.

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