Here's some of the damage they're doing. It really hurts the smaller ones :(

Finally met the culprit for my squash problems. Here's a vine borer. I removed maybe 30 of them, hopefully this saves my plants this year

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@kyle debugging workflow in order of value for time spent:
- did I write what I thought I wrote? (2m)
- is the input to this code what I think it is? (5m)
- do the functions I call do what I think they do? (15m)
- is my algorithm complete? correct? (1hr)
- configuration issue? (hrs)
- is there a bug in a library? (days)

Instead of banging my head against a wall over a really tough bug in a system I know nothing about, instead I find this works a lot better

1. Go make yourself a cup of tea
2. Relax
3. Write down everything you know about the issue
4. Close the gaps of in your understanding until you find the issue
5. Still didn't figure it out? Ask someone for help

Does anyone want help on their own projects? I'm just really getting an itch to work on something new that didn't originate in my own head

I think I'm realizing that I just don't have the capacity or the ability myself to complete my own ideas. But recently I've found a lot of enjoyment in collaboration with others

Anyway I'm always bouncing back and forth on whether I belong here, this summer I've been doing a lot of homesteading and not so much of programming.

But at the very least I really love watching everyone and seeing what you're all working on. I'm truly a fan of everyone here and this aesthetic.

I got a puppy 2 weeks ago and he has been soaking up a lot of my time. I think it's time we'll spent. I'm learning a lot of patience and it's just therapeutic especially when since work has been crazy.

Yesterday I found a mulberry tree just a block away from my house. Today I made mulberry jam :xoka:

@glyph Welcome! I'm curious to hear what kind of permaculture you've been doing?

I need to make a macro for this, I just realized I press this a *lot* going between emacs and terminal

C-x C-s Alt-Tab C-p Return

This one bird has been visiting and tapping my window daily for the past week. I wonder why?

Sure is cute though

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