I have determined that I'm definitely factors more productive when I'm working at a coffee shop.

I honestly don't really like working there though... the chairs make my back ache and I don't like spending money there that often.

I'm trying to figure out what it is that makes it easier to get in the zone. Any suggestions for how to stay focused at home?

@kyle I don't think this is 100% effective, but I often put in my headphones and turn on music and coffee shop noises. That helps a lot.

@kyle What sort of helps me is a separated area that's only used for work. Also, though this might be very unhelpful, having other people over to work with.

@kyle same here. I'm often very productive in (acceptably) noisy and animated environments. But not in an equally noisy and animated open space.

I guess it's because in a coffee shop, the surrounding activity is not related to your current work/task. A small degree of unrelated external stimulation could help to focus more (as a nudging stimuli keeping you on track). Alone, in the silence, I may be more susceptible to procrastination and wandering.

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