Anyway I'm always bouncing back and forth on whether I belong here, this summer I've been doing a lot of homesteading and not so much of programming.

But at the very least I really love watching everyone and seeing what you're all working on. I'm truly a fan of everyone here and this aesthetic.

@kyle I would love to read more about the homesteading you're doing

@gendor I've been posting a few pictures every month here

It's my second year having a garden, so this is my experiment with everything. Next year I plan to ramp it up with the plants that do the best.

@kyle We moved house a year ago, so experimenting with a new raised bed for the first time to see what grows.

@gendor Awesome, you'll have to post about it to keep me updated

The biggest thing I've been learning is that plant life is surprisingly vigorous and hands off as long as it likes the environment.

@gendor I'm glad to hear you're interested! I just find it funny how I'm been so drawn to self sufficiency and growing things all of a sudden when I've been programming my whole life

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