Does anyone want help on their own projects? I'm just really getting an itch to work on something new that didn't originate in my own head

@kyle Want to work on a twitter content curation bot that can be piloted through approval/disapproval voting from multiple members of merveilles?

The next thing that needs to be done is porting it to typescript. I was angling to have it piloted from the slack channel (and anyone is welcome to join that if they want to), but if you wanted to make another interface I would support.

@faun Sure sounds cool! I haven't used typescript before, but I do like making UIs

@kyle Ah only do it if you're interested in learning TS. It's good (no one should use raw JS any more }:< ) but very ordinary.
Making another UI for it would take a while, cause you'd need to do user authentication.
I don't think connecting it to mastodon would be a good UX, since masto doesn't have reacjis, to vote on submissions, people would have to fully reply saying noise like "approve" or "veto" or "delay".

Hmm maybe mastodon needs reacjis. Mastodon needs a lot of things.

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