Instead of banging my head against a wall over a really tough bug in a system I know nothing about, instead I find this works a lot better

1. Go make yourself a cup of tea
2. Relax
3. Write down everything you know about the issue
4. Close the gaps of in your understanding until you find the issue
5. Still didn't figure it out? Ask someone for help

@kyle debugging workflow in order of value for time spent:
- did I write what I thought I wrote? (2m)
- is the input to this code what I think it is? (5m)
- do the functions I call do what I think they do? (15m)
- is my algorithm complete? correct? (1hr)
- configuration issue? (hrs)
- is there a bug in a library? (days)

@kyle not trying to be facetious, but how do you do 2 if you've been really frustrated over a bug? d'ya have any tips? it genuinely feels like the hardest item on the list :3

@cblgh I agree, I don't know if I can really help with that... It really depends on the day for me... Also the tea helps

@kyle oh yes, i love walking away and brewing some tea :3

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